Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 10, 2016

Not More Sewage And Flooding?

The other day Burscough resident Gavin Rattray wrote to the WLBC Portfolio Holder for Planning, John Hodson, about flooding at Crab Tree Lane, below;

Dear Councillor

I recently spoke to Bernie Webster and a group of residents from Crab Tree Lane about the flooding which has happened to their houses three times recently. Like sewer flooding in the centre of Burscough, their flooding has become an almost annual event. They have contacted WLBC about their problem a long time ago and there are pictures on WLBCs website of widespread and deep flooding in that area. However, officers so far have shown no interest, except I believe to say that their budget has been cut and direct Bernie to the environment agency.

Their houses are adjacent to the railway line which crosses Crab Tree Lane. The source of the flood water is a watercourse fed from the two main watercourses that run across Yew Tree Farm and exit across Higgins Lane.

Given that a planning condition of stage A YTF development requires removing surface water from the sewers and adding it to these watercourses, it seems very important that the severe regular flooding at Crab Tree Lane is not ignored by WLBC anymore but recorded in the evidence for the YTF development. Therefore, please can WLBC, as a matter of priority and duty as LLFA look at the problem with some urgency to identify another solution to Burscough’s shortage of sewer capacity that won’t cause additional flooding on Crab Tree Lane?

Finally, I am writing separately to Jacky Denning who wrote to Gill Bjork on behalf of the Borough Solicitor to reassure residents that there would not be an increase in flooding in Burscough due to building on YTF because I wish to know what the legal view is now. A copy of the Solicitors letter to residents is attached, Part iii) is the most relevant section.

Gavin Rattray


burs006 [click to read] As ever, watch this space, because just like Halsall, and other areas, our step back in time to pre-Victorian sewage conditions will occur.

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