Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 9, 2016

Beacon Park Golf Course Water Party?

A group of members of the Beacon Park Golf Club led by Captain Tommy Jackson, watering can at the ready, teambeacon [click all pics to enlarge] gathered tonight to show their concern at the condition of the greens. They are bone dry and the grass is gradually eroding away from them. There was anger that watering of the greens has stopped for weeks and the damage to the greens is becoming intolerable. Members query the lack of golf course management skills and the economic folly of watching the destruction of the greens to save money. West Lancashire Borough Council members seem oblivious to the state of the course. Tommy Jackson asks why money will have to be spent on renewing greens when regular watering should have kept them in good order. He also points out the embarrassment of members when visiting golfers condemn the state of the course. 005 Adding to their concerns is the appalling condition of the new 9 hole “junior” course, with the top soil already eroding and exposing the gravel, rubble, wire, and other landfill materials that were dumped there. Top soil is slipping away and gathering at the bottom of the mound, seen here. 009 Recommended golf course ecology requires a depth of top soil of 11.1 inches, on this new course in places it’s depth is zero, as this picture below shows wire and a piece of pottery above the surface.007 Mr Jackson and his golf club colleagues are determined to expose the poor management of the course that is leading to what you see in these pictures.



  1. What an absolute scandal. Only WLBC could captain a ship as diabolical as this.

    • It gets worse. In a reply to Rosie Cooper MP dated 31st May 2016 about my concerns over the involvement of Oakland Golf And leisure Ltd the Director of Leisure and Wellbeing Services for WLBC stated “As with all such arrangements the Council is vigilant in ensuring suitable management oversight and has undertaken regular monitoring of works at the Golf Course in this regard”. How then did this regular monitoring allow for no top soil in parts of the new 9 hole course to escape detection? Why is there wire, gravel, pottery, bricks and gravel showing on the now seeded new course? And why did the state of the greens, dry and parched, without sprinklers in use to save the cost of water, escape detection?

      • Perhaps WLBC is overseeing a different golf course! Or maybe their belief in transparency means that topsoil would obstruct the view of inert waste too much? Can WLBC do ANYTHING properly?

      • I doubt it. The reply refers to “…facilities have been greatly improved with funding available from the [secret] royalties and payments resulting from the regulated landfill. When completed the new 9 hole par 3 course will be an additional facility for users of the golf course and will be utilised by schools and junior golfers as an introduction to the game of golf”. Allowing for the exposed wire, rubble, pottery, gravel and bricks, I doubt any responsible school would allow pupils to be there, and it would be alarming if this WLBC allows this situation to go uncorrected?

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