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How Halsall Was Flooded on 5 June 2016

halsall_church_logo When did YOU last have raw sewage running through your roads? For New Cut Lane in Halsall it was last evening.  Halsall suffered a heavy downpour of storm proportions that left houses on New Cut Lane flooded and with raw sewage in gardens. Flooding in this area is a permanent issue, yet development for housing is planned seemingly without concern for the consequences. A parish councillor took photographs as evidence and has written to the borough Head of Planning about the issue. After all, like every home in West Lancashire, we pay council taxes for modern services, not for something from the Victorian era. This is the letter, below.  

Flooding Issues, New Cut Lane, Halsall
Neil Campbell
Parish Councillor
New Cut Lane
6th June 2016

Hello Mr Harrison,

It has been noted that many residents in New Cut Lane have complained regularly about foul and surface water drainage in the New Cut Lane area.

It has been stated in independent engineering reports from Betts Associates and ALL CLEAR Ltd that the drainage system at present cannot cope with normal flow rates and are performing well below standard.

On the evening of the 5th June 2016, we had a heavy downpour lasting for just over half an hour. Within 15 minutes the ground became saturated, a short time later localised flooding began.IMG_1323 IMG_1298

Surface water drains quickly were overwhelmed by the quantity of water coming from Halsall Rd and Guildford Rd, this water then came up through the drains outside the dwellings from No3 to No38 New Cut Lane. The excess water then flowed directly into resident’s driveways, front and rear gardens which quickly turned into lakes! IMG_1324 IMG_1305

The stench of raw sewerage quickly became apparent to all residents, I witnessed a sewerage manhole cover at No 17 NCL actually lift up, allowing untreated sewerage to freely flow into their side and rear garden!

Water was still rising from the surface water drains an hour after the storm ended, continuing to run directly into residents’ property. IMG_1326

Drivers had issues navigating along the road, the depth of water on parts of the road was over a foot deep, many drivers slowed down when they quickly realised it was more than just a puddle! IMG_1328

The entrance to Gorse Hill Farm was under 18 inches of water! IMG_1325

This recent localised flood is not a one off event, this occurs when we have heavy or persistent rainfall and is a constant reminder to residents that our foul and surface water can be quickly overwhelmed within a very short space of time! IMG_1329

One affected resident who has recently built a soakaway system in their front garden, watched in horror when it couldn’t cope with the amount of surface water flowing directly from the roadway. IMG_1331

Some people think that residents on New Cut Lane constantly bemoan about drainage issues to the Borough and County Councils, stating that extra development in this area will add and increase flooding problems if permission is granted for additional linkage into the drainage system, well as a resident and Parish Councillor I investigate, weigh up facts and evidence rather than swaying towards “NIMBYISM.” IMG_1333

It is plainly apparent that additional dwelling development on New Cut Lane WILL create serious issues for all residents regardless of what developers state that whilst conducting desktop studies, they “think” they have possible solutions such as SuDs and “soakaways” will solve the problem! It won’t!

Yours Sincerely,
Neil Campbell
Halsall Parish Council

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