Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 6, 2016

Pooterish John Major?

I’ve seen reference to John Major as being pooterish “self-important and mundane or narrow-minded” as in “a Pooterish, inhibited man”. Seems about right to me! Better than just being grey John Major greyundies, as in the description of his self admitted extra-marital affair some years ago with “Eggwina Currie”. Major-and-Curri_466

Recently Major was lambasting the “Leave” campaign for peddling “downright untruths” and presenting a “crass and distorted” picture of the issues. He took us into the disastrous ERM, and fought desperately to keep us there as the economy failed in 1992. He also called Cabinet Eurosceptics “bastards”. As for backbench critics of the joys of European integration, every time he heard their names, he apparently saw the “flapping of white coats”. Unable to unify his party over Europe, by the 1997 election, which he lost spectacularly, he was hit by a mass revolt of Tory candidates after he refused to rule out joining the euro. Do you remember the betting against the £ on the forex markets? And Kenneth Clark and Michael Heseltine persuaded Major to impose 15% interest rates?

Now it’s about being “Fundamentally dishonest. Squalid. Frankly fatuous. A deceit. Misled” and Major screwyou [click to enlarge] claimed the NHS would be “about as safe” in the hands of Mr Johnson, Justice Secretary Mr Gove and former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith as a “pet hamster would be with a hungry python”.

Better to ask Mrs Major for HER views on Mr Major’s deceit and fundamental dishonesty?

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