Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 5, 2016

Beacon Park Foot Golf Reaching Dizzy Heights

Landfill at the Beacon Park Golf Club to create a foot golf facility on the old driving range is reaching dizzy heights. As pictures show, the tipping of huge lumps of concrete, with plenty of plastic piping too that is in breach of planning permission, and mounds of added rubble, has just about reached the height of the golf clubhouse, top right of the picture, click to enlarge 004 with more rubble arriving daily. Much of the concrete is some feet of thick solid slabs shown here 003 and which shows mounds also reaching the height of the old driving range roof. What used to be the gentle slopes of the old popular driving range is now so high it will probably cause nose bleeds and require oxygen when reaching the top. This picture 005 shows mounds competing with tall trees in height. If this project is to create a competitive foot golf course, members are now asking why will it be so high. One wag told me it is apparently going to be named the “Beacon Himalayas”. But it’s more important than that. This is quite simply a land fill to create “coffer fill”, the coffers of the private company undertaking the work that’s been signed off by the WLBC via its leisure services contract with West Lancashire Leisure Trust and Serco.  012 In a written reply made on 14 August 2015 to a Freedom of Information Act Request a WLBC officer wrote “The royalties for the materials being brought to the site and currently used to re-profile an area of the golf course for a new 9 hole par course are paid to West Lancashire Community Leisure. Details of the royalties and payments are commercially confidential”. Well, you can hide mountains of cash, you can’t hide mountains of land fill such as this 014. The FoI Act response also stated “Serco Leisure Operating Limited are responsible for monitoring the contracted works and are responsible to ensure that the finished work provides the new 9 hole facility and that any royalties received are spent on the Beacon Park Golf Course including the club house and associated facilities. Serco Leisure Operating Limited is not able to take any of the royalties as a profit or to charge any management fee for the supervision of the contracted works. All the royalties received are to be spent directly on the golf course and associated facilities”. 016 Perhaps it is time for WLBC to re-write its FoI Act response to explain the presence of Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited in this ménage a trois? After all it was Jonathan Russell Snellgrove a director of that private company who applied for and received the latest WLBC planning “variation” permission.

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