Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 3, 2016

Why Should We Make Germany Rich?

Official Ranking Of Germany’s Trading Partners 2015…(Third) Exports to United Kingdom in Euros Billion 89,273,875…(Ninth) Imports from United Kingdom in Euros Billion 38,317,508…Trade balance in favour of Germany (imbalance for UK) in Euros Billion 50, 956,367.

Perhaps that is why German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “the UK as part and parcel of the EU was of benefit to all of us and especially us”? But her intervention certainly reflects a growing unease in Berlin that a Brexit has become a realistic possibility.

Labour MP and Leave campaigner Kate Hoey kateh told the BBC Mrs Merkel would be “well advised to stay out of what is a very, very important vote for British democracy. I really don’t think that Angela Merkel telling the British people how they should vote in a democratic referendum in three weeks time will affect anyone’s vote” she said. “We can do extremely well outside the European Union, we don’t need to be in the single market, other countries trade with the European Union and are not in the single market. We are the fifth largest economy, we can look outwards”.

Do you remember when the IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard told Osborne and the UK that the deficit reduction programme was playing with fire? The UK then went on to have the fastest growing economy in the world. Asked why the IMF got it so wrong Blanchard replied “We looked at the wrong facts”. Just like today, gloom and doom from remainiacs will turn to joy when we have loosened the noose of the EU and also particularly of Germany. Years ago I was lied to by Heath liarheath  and now I’m fighting back.

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