Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 3, 2016

Beacon Park Golf Course Is Childs Play

While Oakland Golf And Leisure Ltd latest accounts on its abbreviated balance sheet, see below, as at 30 August 2015 and published this week show a massive increase of cash at the bank and in hand of £1,599,777 and a massive increase of shareholders’ funds of £318,589, all generated from Beacon Park Golf Course landfill, the only perceivable local success came in the form of the play area 008 free for children to use.

As reported previously the equal shareholders of Oakland Golf And Leisure Ltd are Jonathan Russell Snellgrove and Sharon Snellgrove, both of 20 Rockery Road, Leeds, LS18 5AS. Sharon Snellgrove’s directorship is reported to have been terminated last week, as shown below. Shareholdings are not altered.

It’s reported from the course that two guest golfers walked off the course a couple of days ago after nine holes and said it was the first and last time they would play here. They said the fairways and first cut on the rough were terrible and the greens were patches of moss and cracks. What an indictment of this borough asset that does not affect the private profits being made from it.

oakaug2015 oaksharon1 (1) oaksharon2 [click all pics to enlarge]


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