Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 30, 2016

There Are Pensioners, There Is Poverty, And There are Lords Pensioners

Did you know that 34 peers of the realm claimed expenses worth £130,000 while never voting during the 2014-15 parliamentary session? And the Telegraph reports that another eight claimed almost £29,000 while neither speaking nor voting. And a useless Liberal Democrat peer charged the taxpayer almost £9,000 for a business class flight home from America to make a parliamentary speech that lasted just four minutes.

Lord Paddick, a former Metropolitan police chief made his forgettable speech at a cost of £2,224 a minute. Paddick Unelected peers talking about being ‘entitled’ to travel business class on the taxpayer will do nothing to instil public confidence that they are being careful with our hard-earned cash. Being fleeced by useless politicians is not at all what the public want to hear about.

Sir Alistair Graham, former chairman of the committee on standards in public life, said “The Lords is full of people who are unable to make a real contribution to running the country. We need to ensure the second chamber is part of a fully effective democratic system rather than a vehicle to keep elderly politicians happy”. He forgot to mention making them rich too, at £300 a day just for clocking in. Spot on!

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