Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 27, 2016

Are You Getting Into Golf Yet?

Did you see the fantastic offer to “Get Into Golf” with a 2 week membership of Beacon Park Golf Course for only £25? getintogolf If you intend to try it, please be careful while you are there, what with health and safety issues in mind. For example, see these pictures of what is going on at the old driving range, as lorry loads of rubble arrive like a shuttle service, 8 alone in just 40 minutes yesterday. 018 022 025 026  It is also rumoured the new 9 hole “junior” course has been covered with topsoil ready for sowing, apparently with 10 inches of topsoil onto the rubble. But take a short walk on it with a stick to push into the soil and it is merely 4 inches deep in parts before hitting the rubble. And on the full course side there is no topsoil at all, as shown here. It’s apparently a cheap and shoddy job. 011 012

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