Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 13, 2016

Letter To The Editor Received Today

Letter-to-the-Editor Dear Sir

Here we go again. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has predicted an economic disaster similar to that of the 1930s if we leave the EU, Chancellor George Osborn has predicted that we will all be £4,300 a year worse off, Prime Minister David Cameron has predicted World War Three, but amazingly did not think this was important enough to include in his £9.3 million leaflet he sent to us all, using our taxes to pay for it of course.

Isn’t it strange how those “little Englander in-siders” can predict doom and gloom, financial disaster to the penny fifteen or more years into the future, factory closures and so much more and yet are always saying that we on the ‘leave’ side of the argument are unable to say what the future outside the EU will look like.

The plain truth is that neither side can say exactly what will happen outside the EU but we who predict a bright future as a democratic, lightly taxed, lightly governed, rich and important world trading nation again are not making it up as we go along.

We are basing our predictions on facts which anyone can see for themselves. You do not need access to government books to see a failing European economy in the world rankings, down from 30 per cent in 1980 to 20 per cent today and predicted 15 per cent of world trade by 2025, less than ten years away, unemployment in the EU running at over 50 per cent in some areas, a failing euro currency but which Brussels is insisting all members will adopt in the near future, high taxes to pay for all this EU failure and so on. You just need to look around you; uncontrolled, and uncontrollable, EU immigration is not just due to people wanting to leave their homes and trek thousands of miles for the fun of it but because their own nations are suffering even more badly under the EU than we are.

You do not need a crystal ball to see that the EU is not only undemocratic in outlook but intends to end democracy itself very soon. Ignoring voting of 61 per cent on some issues, replacing anti EU elected officials by unelected ones who “will say the right things” in Italy and Greece, declaring “The mob” (that’s the electorate) have “no right to overthrow the decision of MEPs”, as German MEP Rebecca Harms did only days ago, a call echoed by EU President Juncker; to say democracy will soon end in the EU is no illusion.

There is no room here to say all that remaining ‘in’ will bring; isn’t it strange though that they who recommend we remain never mention the ‘blinking’ obvious’ disaster which that move is bringing but instead condemn those of us who are trying to warn the rest of you about it.

Yours faithfully

Hmmm…I HAVE noticed how many utterly failed “remain” politicians like Major, Blair, Brown, Obama, Hollande, people who are referred to by a brexit champion as the “Gerald Ratners of modern politics”, are preaching  fear. I have also noticed how failures such as Christine Lagarde and the international banks that screwed the world are interfering in our referendum, yet they don’t have a vote. Major has said opinions on the subject of immigration should only be expressed with “care, honesty and balanced rules”. Really, he did. But he failed to say specifically what areas of the immigration debate can be examined. Or how about the pressure on local services. What rules must we abide by when discussing the admittedly and self-evidently sensitive issue of immigration? The answer is “any way that doesn’t encourage people to vote leave on June 23”.


  1. If we leave the EU there WILL be an economic disaster. It will happen within the EU as one of the biggest budgetary contributors decides to leave a corrupt, overblown, out-of-touch undemocratic cabal. They instantly become nearly 20% poorer, they instantly lose a convenient guarantor of failed EU banana republics.

    And that is what they are all worried about…

    Time to leave the darkness and step into the light. Vote Brexit, for all our sakes.

    • That’s a reasonable summary of the situation, with its emphasis on “out of touch” and “undemocratic”. Quite why the utter failure of Major to do anything politically useful in his lifetime is now of importance is beyond me, and his “no shortage of exaggerations” for leavers comment is bizarre. As for his “morphing into UKIP” claim, leading to long term divisions in society, he should know!

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