Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 11, 2016

Is The Derby Street Day Centre For Older People Under Threat?

The OWLs owllogo are asking “Is it too cynical to note that the county council waited until the day after the local elections to announce their closure plans for a raft of buildings across the Borough? In any case, we bring you the news of both in this newsletter. We invite you to join our growing resident-focused movement and we want to hear how the county council cuts might affect you”.

LCC slip out closure plans the day after the elections. Lancashire County Council are proposing to close 8 centres in West Lancashire from which they currently deliver services including three libraries; three children’s centres and a day centre for older people.

The libraries facing the axe are at Burscough, UpHolland and Parbold. Children’s centres at Hesketh Bank; Birch Green in Skelmersdale and in Ormskirk are also set to close with services concentrated in other facilities. A specialist centre for children on Fairlie in Skelmersdale is also proposed for closure. Worryingly, the day centre for Older People on Derby Street in Ormskirk is threatened and the alternative provision is unclear derbyold.

We’d like your views on these proposals. Will they affect you or people you know? Can the most damaging be averted?

The County Council recently terminated treatment of green and food waste at the expensive waste treatment centres at Farington and Thornton built under PFI. The latest changes will cost the taxpayer a reported £7.75 million this coming year and a further £4.5 million next year.

Government funding is reducing to Lancashire, but the money they have needs to be spent wisely.

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