Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 10, 2016

Westlephant Annual Report

Borough Cllr D Westley came to the Aughton Parish Council annual assembly with his annual report wesel1. It was hardly worth staying up for, but on the other hand it’s a reminder of how poor our parish WLBC representation is. He related his dreary sorrow that Labour now had 31 seats, Tory 22 seats, Independent 1 seat. He mentioned the “alternative Tory budget” which seems full of political bullshit in the light of his own national government cutbacks to local government. It also seems Westley will now include Long Lane in his LCC Division, due to some county changes. Poor old Long lane, didn’t it suffer enough from poor borough and county representation? Having mentioned the five flood pumps at risk, 2 in Halsall, 2 in Rufford, and 1 in Banks, we still wonder why this is still an issue after 13 previous years of Westleyism and his party. rowboat We do hope Captain Currie can give us some improvements before he re-applies to join the Royal Navy?

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