Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 9, 2016

Party A Victim Of Failed Political Leadership?

How long will West Lancashire Tories put up with the failures of its abysmal leadership since 2014?

Adrian Owens, in what can only be described as a damning indictment of the local “Tory Future”, said “I was elected Leader of the Conservative council group in a secret ballot after the local elections last month and formed a strong prospective cabinet and team in preparation for the year ahead. It is deeply regrettable that two members of the group were unwilling to accept the democratic decision of their colleagues in the group and did not support the Conservative whip during the vote to elect the Leader of the Council on Wednesday evening.

Because I continue to believe that Conservatives are better at running the Borough than the local Labour alternative, for the unity of the Conservative group I stood down as Leader, and subsequently supported our new Leader in the reconvened votes. It has been a thoroughly unpleasant few days. The mayor-making evening was wrecked. The Conservative Group has split into factions and friendships have been ended. I hope that local Conservatives can come together, but previous examples of Leaders being replaced in such circumstances do not lead me to be optimistic”.

Spot on, he’d been reading the runes or was just plain savvy! And what has happened?

2014 Tory % 39.49% Labour 41.96% Hung Council, the Tory rot has set in. conservative3

2015 Tory % 33.74 Labour % 46.29 eg Pratt Ashurst 391 votes 12.7% tory2015

2016 Tory % 32.86 Labour % 55.57 eg Pratt Moorside 70 votes 8.8% tory2016

2018 predicted Tory % 25 Labour % 65+ Pratt?

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