Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 6, 2016

My Fly On The Wall

My “fly on the wall” fly at the election count reports back about an incident involving the Halsall loser. It seems that as the entire Labour camp witnessed the end of the Halsall count the Returning Officer Kim Webber announced the result to the candidates, at which point the loser allegedly said “You would never have done it without UKIP” before storming off without thinking to ask for a recount.

When she realised the enormity of the result she returned to the table and asked for a recount, only to be told by Ms Webber that it was too late as her previous actions were taken as acceptance of defeat!

Witnesses refer to the anger displayed by the loser, describing her as “visibly and audibly boiling over” but let’s face it her previous experiences including recounts in 2012 should have prepared her for this eventuality. She knew the ropes, as did her “agent”.

My fly on the wall also reports on hearing remarks such as “what a sweet night” and “good riddance to one of the worst elected representatives we have ever had here in Halsall”.

By contrast it is reported that UKIPs John Stewart was gracious in defeat. That’s the difference between having manners and appearing to be uncouth! It’s also reported that some Halsall residents WOULD buy some Avon products, if asked nicely?  avoncalled [click to enlarge]


  1. Wow what a thicko. Ukip served only to SPLIT the vote in TORY FAVOUR. That’s the only reason the vile tories gained overall control in the last General Election. Had the vote not been split, Labour would have gained a clear victory. Shut up and go home Stephenson. At least you’ve got more time to march around Ormskirk’s charity shops now.

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