Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 5, 2016

Beacon Golf Course When?

The Champion reports champgolfon the “thousands of tonnes of hardcore” 004 still being dumped at the Beacon Park Golf Club as part of the much-delayed project to build a new nine-hole par three course. Residents are up in arms about it and claim the work is destroying a beauty spot in the borough.

Last year, West Lancashire Borough Council told the Champion that the project had experienced delay and that re-profiling for the current works would be “completed by the autumn of 2015.” They now hope hardcore deliveries for these works will cease by the end of 2016, and that the nine hole par three course will be open in the summer of 2017.

Champion reader Paul Mullany, from Skelmersdale said “What is going on with the thousands of tonnes of inert waste being dumped at the Beacon golf course? drive11 This has been going on now for a good two years under the guise of building a new nine hole golf course. Who is actually monitoring this tipping? Ironically Joe Public is now being charged for more than ten bags of inert waste a year at West Lancs Waste centres. Someone is making a lot of money out of this operation which is destroying the Beacon in Skelmersdale”.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “The golf course redevelopment and waste dumping is an issue I have previously raised with both Serco as the company running West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust and West Lancashire Borough Council following residents’ concerns.

“In my previous correspondence from the chief executive of Serco he assured me that they have the appropriate soil sample certificate. Even so, it is important for that both the Environment Agency and Environmental Health at the Borough Council continue to monitor that the waste being brought to the site is in line with the planning conditions. I have once again raised residents’ concerns with both Serco and West Lancashire Borough Council as people need to be reassured over the materials being used in the re-profiling of the golf course and park areas.”

A borough council spokesman commented “The new nine-hole par 3 golf course will be an exciting addition to the facilities at Beacon Park Golf Club and will assist in attracting new members. West Lancashire School Sports partnership has agreed to arrange junior access through schools when the new course opens. Work has also commenced to make changes to the golf club house and open up the facility to visitors from Beacon Country Park.

“These changes are essential to ensure that the golf course and club house meet the needs of golfers and the wider public thereby enhancing their attraction as a leisure facility. The works are being carried out through West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust and the Trust operating partners Serco Leisure Operating Limited, who are operating the golf course on behalf of the council. Planning approval was granted for the works which specified the type of materials, estimates for the total hardcore infill, site access arrangements and delivery times for materials to be brought to site drive12.

“The golf course operator has assured the Council that every load brought on to the site has had a full soil sample report with it and the Council is aware that the Environment Agency has been involved in monitoring the site work.

“Work to create the new nine-hole course was planned for four areas of the course, but following discussions with golfers, the Leisure Trust has decided not to proceed with two of these phases. This will reduce the amount of hardcore coming to the site, and disruption to the course and local residents. The remaining area of development for the course on the old driving range is now underway and will provide additional facilities. The Council hopes hardcore deliveries for these works will cease by the end of 2016.

“The council expects the nine hole par three course to be open in the summer of 2017, subject to there being enough good weather for landscaping to be carried out. The new Footgolf facility which is being developed on the old driving range is expected to be ready by spring 2018.”

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