Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 4, 2016

Conservative Leader To Provide Borough Council Report To Aughton

Did you read that “If successful in the borough election, the Conservatives’ pledge, on Parish Council Grants, is “Reverse Labour’s substantial cuts, to preserve local services”? How remarkable that pledge is when applied to cash rich Aughton!

The current Aughton Parish Council balance is £120,004 being £106,004 General Fund and £14,000 3.75% Treasury Stock. The most recent precept for Aughton was £56,261, that’s circa half the parish balance. Put into context, Aughton Parish council need not raise any further precept for two years.

If the policy that Westley extolled to me on 16 August 2010 in his edict on parish balances, that “I am a Halsall Parish Councillor and always work on the basis that a PC should not have more in reserve than the annual precept” is still extant will he be advising Aughton Parish Council to spend some of its reserves on helping its parishioners? Not that he lives in Aughton!

Even on borough budgets Westley has stated “The extract from the Cabinet Report simply means that Council has more in reserve than the minimum required for prudent financial management”. Is there a hint, or even a large dose, of hypocrisy in his party pledge on Parish Council Grants?

No doubt yet another appearance by Westley will lead to memories of when we decent and honest residents and campaigners against Parrs Lane development were accused by him of telling lies door to door weslur and wasting our time. We didn’t, and the elephant remains in the room and sullies the atmosphere.

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