Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 29, 2016

Aughton & Downholland Forms Majority of Seismic Survey Area

Sterling work by Maureen Mills, the Halsall Labour candidate, has revealed some disturbing seismic survey news for residents of Aughton & Downholland. She writes in pursuit of the truth about local seismic surveying, something not done by Aughton councillors.

“Through the [Halsall] Parish Clerk I asked Aurora whether the proposed survey area was the same as the second map that Tesla tesla3 sent us last year (when challenged about it extending outside PEDL 164) and here is what they say:

2014 proposed survey area in red
2016 survey area in orange
Halsall boundary shown. (Their rough map attached newmapclick to enlarge]. Maureen Mills has asked for a full Ordnance survey map.)

They also say: The current survey area (~40km2) is smaller than that proposed in 2014 (~52km2) which extended further to the east within PEDL 164.


PEDL 164 is the purple square on the map attached to the letter AER%20blocks3. The extension to the north lies within another licence (in this case PEDL 165) and it is customary to seek the consent of the operator for permission to acquire in such cases. The minor extension outside PEDL 164 to the west is into a currently unlicensed block and such instances are covered by the requirement for a Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence (SSSL) issued by the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA). As Aurora have been offered the block to the west following the 14th Licensing Round then should the relevant PEDL be awarded prior to our acquiring the survey then the SSSL will no longer be required.

Maureen Mills attached the map showing the purple square they refer to. From all this it will be seen:

• The area of the survey has shrunk;
• Parts of Halsall to the east have come out but parts to the north are now in although they are extending into PEDL 165 (Cuadrilla’s license!);
• Aughton Park, Knowsley and Scarisbrick have come out;
• More parts of Formby are in, including Woodvale airfield (MoD owned!) although they haven’t been “awarded” the new license yet;
• The majority of the survey area is Aughton and Downholland”.

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