Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 28, 2016

Our West Lancashire Core Policies for 2016

How badly does West Lancashire need independent councillors? What difference did one OWL make last year?

Flying the flag for the OWLs in next week’s elections will be Adrian Owens in Derby ward, Peter Banks in Knowsley, and Jane Thompson in Scott janet.

“Our West Lancashire is a loose grouping of civic-minded individuals. Each year our committee and members agree some core policies below, which our candidates and councillors support. These aim to change the culture of the council and put residents back in the driving seat. Beyond that, we have no whip and our representatives will promote policies that suit their area owlpic.

Investing in leisure
o New pools for Ormskirk and Skelmersdale by 2025 with £2 million already set aside – £1 million to each

Investing in Our Town Centres
o Purchase retail shop units and create rent/rates deals to attract the right mix of shops to our towns, at the same time getting a better financial return for council taxpayers

Reduce cost of running council
o Cut councillor allowances to the Lancashire average – saving £75,000 a year

A Greater voice for residents
o Email notification of planning and licensing applications every week on sign up
o Introduce local area budgets for projects and allow people in those areas to vote on fund allocation

Recognising YOU pay the bills
o NO inflation-busting council tax rises from Our West Lancashire

Protecting those in need and creating opportunity
o NO cuts in council grants to local voluntary organisations and reinstate funding for the Wellbeing Centre for Older People. We will not balance the council budget by cutting services to the vulnerable.
o Provide three apprenticeship/graduate traineeship opportunities for young people at the council in 2016 – the council recruited no one under 20 in 2015.

These are our core policies. Our West Lancashire is solely focused on achieving the best local government for the people of West Lancashire. Labour and Conservative spend too much time attacking each other. Our candidates and councillors are committed to these core policies that put residents first”. A group of owls is called a “parliament”, being of a “wise disposition”. Will May 2016 be the year when  OWLs break their barrier 3owls? A parliament within a council sounds interesting!


  1. At what point does an independent Councillor become an alternative political party?

    • Probably the day after he removed the knife from his back, tore up his membership card, and became an important sitting councillor?

  2. Some of the Owls mandate is already being actioned by the Labour group, I’ve no doubt the Owls will try and claim they were responsible. I wonder if the electorate in Derby, Knowsley, and Scott know that the Owls cannot deliver any of their policies because they are not in control and have no power. They could make any pledges they like, knowing they can’t follow them through. I don’t mean to taunt, I’m just stating the facts. If I could give advice I’d say be open and tell us why the knife was plunged into the Owl leader’s back by his faithful Conservative group, maybe then he would start picking up their votes. But then again, he who plunged the knife is hoping to come back, if he moves back into West Lancs.

    • Much of which is curious. I’m sure those who will vote for OWLs do know they won’t have power to deliver, but will try to influence policies. It won’t escape notice that Labour in opposition with far more seats than one didn’t have power, as now with Tories in opposition and no power. I’ve always thought the knife went in because of a power struggle but as for who wielded the knife do tell us who it was, who left West Lancashire but hopes to come back?

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