Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 20, 2016

Big Spenders?

Labour have spent some election funding on a Champion newspaper wrap-around. These are a few pictures from it. labfloods ripoff savefloodpumps8 securepool  [click to enlarge]


  1. Every Labour councillor voted to retain mention of closure of Park Pool in the draft leisure strategy. It was only the public representations that finally got the closure reference removed in February.

    • That seems to be unfair, the report of the review was told, warts and all. Why would a council do other than report what a review said? It’s what happened after that counts. And remind me, who closed a sports facility in Skelmersdale?

  2. That is completely untrue. The leisure strategic review was a document which Labour inherited from a previous conservative administration. Labour fought hard with officers for the park pool statement to be removed before the document was even made public and sought legal advice. The only way Labour could have removed the statement was to completely rip up the document and start again. This would have cost council tax payers a substantial amount of money and delayed the leisure strategy being implemented by a few years.
    So opposition party’s jumped all over this trying to lay claim that they saved park pool from closure. Utter Bs and they know it. The leisure facilities couldn’t be in safer hands.

    • I read the review and attended the council meeting. I listened to Cllr Wright as he stood in the Chamber to guarantee the pool staying open. I also recall some bluster by Westley about it. But, the proof of the pudding has to be in the eating. Time will tell. What IS news to me is what part the officers played, so surely the public ought to be told what that legal advice was about?

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