Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 19, 2016

Car Parking Injustice?

It seems that unhappy local residents on South Terrace in Ormskirk have asked Eddy McCarthy, Conservative Candidate for Knowsley Ward, for help over the increase to their visitor parking permits. Apparently the Labour controlled Lancashire County Council has increased the cost of permits residents need for visitors from £10 to £25 south_terrace_3_1. It seems extortionate, to put it mildly. So why has it happened? Could it possibly be because the party Eddy represents has cut the central government funding to LCC so savagely LCC will go bankrupt?

Surely Eddy is aware of the policy of his government to divest itself of as many services as it can, to devolve everything it can to local government? While doing so it is starving the local councils of the funds needed to carry out their statutory responsibilities.

Eddy, and his party and government, then perform their wringing of collective hands and say that the chaos and poor service are nothing to do with them. Central taxation may be cut to make the government look virtuous while all the financial pressure, constraints and discontent fall locally.

This policy hammers the councils which need most support, those in areas of social deprivation like parts of West Lancashire, currently Labour controlled, so the government isn’t really bothered if the services survive or not. It will be very interesting in 2017 when the county bankruptcy approaches along with county council elections to see if the starvation of central government funds policy remains?

So Eddy thinks the increase is unjustifiable, far too high, is a huge jump, will make many residents isolated, is unreasonable and extremely unfair. And he quotes Margaret Dickinson Chairperson of the Queens Court Residents Association as saying “The price increases are unfair, many people will now not get a visitor’s permit, we are working hard to make this area a nice place to live but this price increase will stop people coming to our local social events which take place. If residents have no visitors permit and have visitors or outside help round they will have to park elsewhere and walk miles struggling.” Margaret added “We are starting a petition and will send in a complaint stating our objections”.

Eddy and his party might want to look at the massive generosity of the WLBC to its salaried staff, official car users or not, who park free all day and take up virtually all the parking at 52 Derby Street. It’s a loss of income to the tune of circa £100,000 per annum. Council tax payers in South Terrace and Queens Court, and everywhere else, are funding it and it’s a disgrace. They should petition the council to impose a parking levy on our employees so they at least contribute to the austerity programme like the rest of us.

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