Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 18, 2016

The OWLS Are (Not) Coming

In April 2015 Our West Lancashire, the new Group on West Lancashire Borough Council, unveiled their five candidates, standing for the Group in the May local elections. Gordon Johnson – Bickerstaffe Ward, Ian Davis – Derby Ward, Peter Banks – Knowsley Ward, Jane Thompson – Scott Ward, Gerry Latham – Skelmersdale South Ward. They achieved 3.44% of the votes. owlpic

In 2016 the last news item from the OWLs is dated 13 March with no announcement of candidates. But we know Adrian Owens is a candidate in Derby ward, with Peter Banks in Knowsley, and Jane Thompson in Scott. What happened to Gordon Johnson, Ian Davis, and Gerry Latham?

Speaking shortly after the conclusion of the count in May 2015 Adrian Owens said “whilst naturally being disappointed not to win any further seats, I am not downhearted. Our new group “Our West Lancashire” was only formed some four months ago and we were operating from a standing start. Despite this, in our main target wards we outpolled the Ukip and Green parties by a wide margin and took votes from both Labour and Conservatives– in one strong Labour ward we achieved 1 in 5 of the votes.”

Councillor Owens made a pledge to the people of West Lancashire “despite me continuing for this year to have to ‘plough a lonely furrow’, in the Chamber, I will fight on, on the behalf of West Lancashire residents to achieve fair and acceptable savings.The Our West Lancashire Group continues to grow its membership and will ensure even more residents hear about our activities in the coming months”.

Well, hearing about OWL activities is becoming a rare event. Their “Get In The Know On Planning” news was 17 March, Cllr Owens campaigned for the Wellbeing Centre on 2 March and rattled the tins for public cash, and we haven’t heard how much was raised. Perhaps that “lonely furrow” is becoming even more lonely?

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