Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 16, 2016

The Conservative Pledge

The Stephenson/Conservative pledges if they are successful include an important matter, that of devolution. They pledge “Use new powers to create a West Lancashire Unitary Authority to take control of more local services (eg Roads, Libraries, Drainage, Buses etc)”. They seem to have forgotten to mention the need to consult and if agreed the Secretary of State can invite a proposal to become unitary. It will not happen overnight, and “Regulations may be made covering how local authorities should go about preparing their proposal”. It’s an easy pledge wrought with problems. These are the remaining pledges unitary [click to enlarge] NB I have also now received the same document, substituting Sam Currie for Aughton & Downholland ward!


  1. Local Plan Review. Not seen this in any council document. When will this take place or is it somewhat fanciful?

    • Perhaps it refers to the supply of housing being met, and there are two appeals being heard in May regarding Parrs Lane.

  2. Lets see what Halsall’s borough councillor states regarding her thoughts on the Local Plan and explaining the horrendous conditions residents are enduring on Moss Rd whilst 500+ houses are being built over the road at Kew AND the potential 59 dwellings being built behind them! My sympathies go out to all residents on Moss Rd, totally unfair to protect other boroughs and subject Moss Rd to contanst noise and over development to promote a flawed Local Plan! ps the Local plans creator Cllr Forshaw is departing…..why?

    • She won’t state anything that comes from her own mind, she didn’t write any of this stuff, it’s a collective contribution of a very sad puerile group that was best described by Adrian Owens when he left them. As for Forshaw, he’s been around since 2002, he can see the way things are.

  3. Few things in life are certain, but one thing is. Never trust a Tory.

    • That has a ring of truth, especially some of those in West Lancashire.

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