Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 15, 2016

Muck and Brass At Beacon Park Golf Course

Where there’s muck there’s brass is an expression which originated in Yorkshire where brass is still used as a slang term for money. How appropriate then that whereas the muck, rubble, concrete, and old plastic rangerubble19 continues to arrive daily for landfill at the tax payer owned Beacon Park Golf Course, the brass apparently goes to Yorkshire, to Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited Co Number 07006297, or to Oakland Golf And Leisure (UK) Limited Co Number 9350603, or to Oakland Materials Ltd Co Number 09848642 incorporated 29th October 2015 oakmatsinc[click to read], or to Land Logic Solutions Ltd Co Number 08544313, most of which have the common denominators of “Oakland Golf and Leisure” and “Jonathan Russell Snellgrove” among them. [Source for the above Companies House]

I refer back to my article “The Secretive World Of The Beacon Park Golf Course Finances” and mention of the WLBC position that “The royalties for the materials being brought to site and currently used to re-profile an area of the golf course for a new 9 hole par 3 course are paid to West Lancashire Community Leisure Limited. WLBC does not have access to the records for review or the delivery logs for materials brought to site. Details of the royalties and payments are commercially confidential”. So, have you seen evidence yet of the newfound wealth created being used for anything other than landfill range17  range20 at Beacon Park Golf Course, which now incorporates the Ranger Service, the play area play2 and a “dog shower” dogshower?

The Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited company address is officially given to WLBC in planning applications relating to Beacon Park Golf Course as 20 Rockery Road, Leeds, LS18 5AS, but its correspondence address is 37 Warren Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 6AD. This “service” address has 652 companies registered, of which 557 companies are active and 95 companies are dissolved.

But why is there such a silence about how much brass and where it’s really going? Having already commented on this website about Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited, the history of its Director Jonathan Russell Snellgrove involving UK Sports Parks and its £7,000 plus fines at Liverpool Magistrates Court for failing to comply with several legal notices was reported on by the Liverpool Echo in 2013. Nobody from UK Sports Parks attended the Liverpool Magistrates Court hearing. UK Sports Parks PLC Company Number 06261564 and UK Sports Parks Ltd Company number 06874084 shared the same director. As it happens their service addresses were also at 37 Warren Street, London.

Further enquiries show the other companies with links to Oakland Golf And Leisure Limited include Oakland Golf And Leisure (UK) Limited No 9350603, and Oakland Materials Ltd No 9848642   landlogicshares whose Directors are Jonathan Russell Snellgrove and David Parkinson. Subscribers to Oakland Materials Ltd oakmatmeminclude Land Logic Solutions Ltd and Oakland Golf and Leisure (UK) Limited, and Land Logic Solutions Ltd No 08544313 whose Director is David Parkinson and whose occupation is described as “Landfill” parkinson [click to read]. All company information sourced from Companies House.

Readers may find it of interest that UK Sport Park Ltd offered a Construction Method Statement for the Acanthus Golf Centre, Thorpe Lane, Tingley, Nr Wakefield, in September 2012 that was remarkably similar to the operation now being used at Beacon Park Golf Course. “It is submitted in support of an application for the proposed remodelling and re-landscaping of the existing 9 hole golf course with construction of new tees, greens and fairways at the Acanthus Golf Centre. The proposed development requires the importation of 145,000m³ of inert soil onto the site for landscaping improvements at the golf course facility. It is anticipated soils will be sourced from a number of sites in the Leeds City region. Procedures for importing inert soils are based on legal requirements “The Landfill (England & Wales) 2000”. Materials are being imported for the purpose of remodelling and re-landscaping an existing golf course”. Sadly the entire venture failed and the entry for Acanthus Golf Centre at the website shows it to be closed. We can only wonder why. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing in any companies named in this article.

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