Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 15, 2016

Cllr O’Toole And His Two Roads

On being asked by Halsall Parish which 2 roads County Councillor O’Toole, seen here otooleeats [pic from Roger Blaxall] enjoying the hospitality of the newly opened Town Green Brasserie, was putting forward for repair or resurfacing in his Division he replied (in his own inimitable style) “The two. That over a two year period I had more complaints and comments on in the whole of my division Granville and Winifred. Both are used as a rat run by hundreds every day to get to Town Green school. Town Green station and the very popular Huytons shop and the local Spar huytons. they were ranked 1 and 2 by highway officers but overruled by CC Fillis. Outrageous !!!”

At the Lancashire County Council Scrutiny Committee Minutes of the Meeting held on Friday, 15th January, 2016 it is reported officially that;

“CC David O’Toole communicated concern around the length of time it takes for potholes to be rectified and also the quality of workmanship as many potholes re-emerged. Therefore, it was queried what could be done to repair potholes more efficiently and effectively.

“CC David O’Toole noted that county councillors had been asked to identify two roads for improvements and stated that it appeared there had been communication issues concerning confirmation of submissions.

Might it have been reasonable for residents of many other roads in the County South Division to think they were in greater need of repair work? Did O’Toole inspect Carr Moss Lane or Segars Lane where 4x4s invariably don’t attempt it? Plex Moss Lane is terrible, and Asmall Lane is in a state, reported by Halsall Parish Council as a priority.

But, and it is a big butt, where was the input from the Halsall Borough Councillor on what roads need repairs? While O’Toole was laid up with a knee replacement operation surely the feet on the ground were hers? It’s been an abysmal performance!


  1. It appears that our county councillor has become somewhat “self serving” rather than serving the whole of his division?

    • It does, and it’s unacceptable from such a long serving councillor who should know better.

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