Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 13, 2016

UKIP For Brexit In Ormskirk

Can you help with Brexit on Saturday? UKIPflyer[1]

UKIP have written “Dear Members/Friends/Supporters,

“We start the most important campaign that has ever taken place in the UK. In the next 75 days we must make every effort to ensure a successful outcome for the LEAVE EU campaign.

“On Saturday,16th April,The Brexit/Out/GO/Leave campaign begins locally. Join us on Ormskirk Market, starting at 11:00, and help distribute leaflets, balloons, lapel badges and pens to the good people of Ormskirk and beyond.

“We need volunteers to spend 1 or 2 hours on this important task. The campaign is being run with other like minded volunteers from the Conservative/Labour/LibDem parties and from those who are not politically aligned but share the same views about the EU.

“Let me know if you are able to help on Saturday or any other time. After our years of struggle we cannot afford to lose the final battle”.

Kind Regards, Tony Green Referendum Coordinator.

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