Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 8, 2016

UKIP To Fight Only For Halsall

halcands[click to enlarge] The only seat UKIP will contest will be in Halsall, represented by it’s local chairman Dr John Stewart.


  1. Would all 3 candidates be up for a “Question time” type debate held in the Memoral Hall to discuss and debate local issues in a public meeting?
    Perhaps any no shows could nominate a “tub of Lard” as their stand in. Topics could include such subjects close to local residents hearts in Halsall such as; The flawed Local Plan; Stance on Fracking; Flooding issues; Saving pumping stations due to Govt cuts; collecting unearned allowances; Voting in cabinet meetings against local residents concerns; loss of bus services; Understanding where our councillors wards actually are; Condition of roads due to Govt cuts;the existance of Annual reports; Reduction of local services due to Govt cuts; How comfy is the back seat of a chauffeur driven council provided Audi A8; Clothing allowances given to Mayors which is immune from FOI requests; Attendance of meetings and timekeeping?

    • I don’t see why not? I’m sure two of the candidates would, but might there be another “empty chair” event?

  2. BAD move. The UKIP paratrooper will simply effect a split of the vote, and the horrible tory will get in. Just like what happened at the last General Election.

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