Posted by: westlancashirerecord | April 6, 2016

Why Pick Up Litter Before Dropping More Through Our Letter Boxes?

It was with some small measure of relief that some residents of Aughton saw the West Lancashire Conservative Association publish this picture in February westleylitterpic of Cllr D Westley picking up litter, and we hoped he had been demoted to “litter leader”. It was a favour from the WLCA, their yardstick by which we could measure his performance and pomposity. Sadly it was not to be, he is still at the helm and still embarrassing Aughton and his party.

It was, I remember, in May 2002 when Cllr D Westley was first elected and the Conservatives took office in West Lancashire after boundary changes. Here in Aughton & Downholland that year three were elected, O’Toole, Atherley, and Westley. The District, as it was then, elected Conservatives in Ormskirk and Labour in Skelmersdale. Issues in the election including transport, housing and leisure facilities. The Labour party said they were the only party that had the experience to run the council. The Conservatives pledged to improve services, increase recycling, keep parking charges low, and form partnerships with private firms to improve facilities, while making efficiency savings. True to their word, they eventually formed one particular partnership with private firm Serco, for leisure services, that led us to the disastrous mess we face today particularly at the Beacon Park Golf Course.

Why the history lesson? Because in 2002 Cllr David Westley began the career in local politics that led him ultimately to claim £29,000 in one year for allowances and the leadership of his party, and as such his name was added to its correspondence, such as what he calls “Important Message about Alt Crossens Catchment and the 5 Pumps”. You can read it after being reminded of his infamous insults against Halsall Parish Councillors weslethalsallincluding the “scaremongering” allegations. This is the “litter” I refer to  wesfloods1 wesfloods2[click to enlarge] which smacks of desperation and neglects to tell us it is austerity from his government which brings us to this position. Believe it if you will, but some people have longer memories than others.



  1. There must be an election due soon. That’s the only time you see the cynical parasites out in public!

    • Yes, that’s true. Westley doesn’t even do HIS litter picking in Aughton, but that’s probably caused by shame of how poor his representation has been, especially his record of accusing innocent people of being door to door liars.

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