How To Turn Planning Permission For 57 Dwellings Into 83 Dwellings

Or, the strange story of how an egg factory

would “lay” 57 dwellings that would become 83 dwellings. “The properties will be 100% affordable”.

It all began in 2016, with WLBC 2016/0126/FUL | Demolition of former egg production buildings and related infrastructure and erection of 57 dwellings and related development including improvement of existing access to site, internal access roads… | Fine Janes Farm Moss Road Halsall Southport Lancashire PR8 4JG.

Applicant Agent Jones Homes (Lancashire) Ltd

And Pent Ltd C/o Agent Steven Abbott Associates LLP Broadsword House 2 Stonecrop North Quarry Business Park Appley Bridge Wigan Lancashire WN6 9DL

In respect of application number 2016/0126/FUL received on 3 February 2016 and in pursuance of its powers under the above-mentioned Act and Order, West Lancashire Borough Council as Local Planning Authority, having considered your application, hereby grants permission for: Demolition of former egg production buildings and related infrastructure and erection of 57 dwellings and related development including improvement of existing access to site, internal access roads, amenity open space, landscaping, pumping station and boundary fencing at: Fine Janes Farm, Moss Road, Halsall, Southport.

Nothing happened, but in 2019, Applicants Forth Homes Ltd and Adactus Housing Association Ltd of Allerton Road in Liverpool submitted “Application Number: 2019/0991/FUL Proposal: Demolition of existing structures and erection of residential development comprising 83 units (Use Class C3) and related development including improvement of existing access to the site, internal access roads, amenity open space, landscaping, parking and pumping station. Location: Fine Janes Farm, Moss Road, Halsall, Southport, Lancashire, PR8 4JG.

In the new plan the bungalows and ground floor apartments would be particularly suitable for older residents. This constitutes 10% of the total dwellings. This falls short of the 20% requirement set by Policy RS1 which seeks proposals of this size to deliver 20% of units which are suitable for older people. Many of the smaller houses and the first floor apartments would be suitable for all but the frail elderly who cannot navigate stairs. On this basis, a far greater quantum of the site would be suitable for the elderly, which is not defined as the frail elderly by Policy RS1. Dwellings will be built to the relevant Building Regulations and will be capable of adaptation if required. This approach was found to be suitable with regard to the approved scheme on the site.

The developer states “The properties will be 100% affordable”. The current average value of homes in Halsall is £370,585. The difference to the developer between building 57 homes there and 83 is £9,635,210. More profitable than laying eggs!

Deal Or No Deal?

John Redwood


writes “The Withdrawal Agreement is unchanged, so I have no need to update my comments on it which set out the problems with it, especially concerning the powers of the ECJ and the money.

“The Political Declaration is improved. It now makes it clearer that any joint military actions requires the consent of the UK government. More emphasis is given to basing a future trade relationship around a Free Trade Agreement.

“The Declaration whilst confirming we become an independent coastal state for fishing purposes puts our fish back into play with the prospect of a new fishing quota and access based agreement with the EU.

“It suggests the future agreement is based on an EU Association Agreement, designed to get countries to converge with the EU prior to joining. This is not a good model. The ECJ remains supreme over issues of EU law in any dispute.

“The reworked Northern Ireland protocol raises the issue of how could Northern Ireland extricate from following EU rules and customs practices? This is an important question, as this draft Withdrawal Treaty does not have an Article 50 allowing unilateral exit”.

The Attorney General Cox

says the Government has released its legal position, which he’s endorsed, after having studied the new Withdrawal Agreement. For the first time, Cox has agreed “that the protocol on Northern Ireland can be terminated. Article 18 of the Protocol provides for a process by which democratic consent in Northern Ireland must be obtained to the continued application of Articles 5 to 10 of the Protocol after an initial period ending four years after the end of the transition period.

“The mechanism for obtaining democratic consent is set out in the unilateral declaration referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 18. Article 18 plainly makes the continuation of the application of Articles 5 to 10 of the Protocol conditional upon the obtaining of consent by the mechanism described in the Unilateral Declaration.

“There are no grounds for supposing that the EU would have any legal basis to assert that Articles 5 to 10 of the Protocol should continue to apply absent that consent or that the EU would possess a veto over the right of members of the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly to withhold consent to the continued application of those provisions”.

If Daniel Hannan Says All This, Then It Must Be True?

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan

claims that “The EU agreement delivers: Supremacy of British law Independent UK trade policy No annual tribute to Brussels Control of farming and fishing Good relations with our EU neighbours. All MPs elected in 2017 on pro-Brexit manifestos – Labour, Tory and DUP – should back it.

But it isn’t true. “Fishing for Leave”

claims “No we are not, it all stays the same in the transition, which can be extended until December 2022, in the meantime our fishing grounds are on the table for negotiations of the trade agreement. Our trawlermen are being shafted.

“We’ll be an “independent” state bound to an agreement with EU based on; •”non-discrimination”- ie equal access •”level playing field”- ie EU rules •As “part of wider economic partnership”- ie traded/levered away IF we survive the Transition It’s still BRINO”.

Brexit in name only is what we’ve got. Another quotation “Give Boris credit. This is not the worst deal in history. It’s the second worst deal in history” sums it up nicely.

Payouts For NHS Staff Bust £160,000 Redundancy Cap

The Times reports that Senior NHS staff have been given redundancy payouts far higher than the NHS’s £160,000 cap after their money was topped up with extra payments in lieu of their notice periods. There have been 11 cases in the past three years where senior staff at clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), the GP-led bodies in charge of health services in local areas, have received payments totalling more than £160,000, nine of which exceeded £200,000, the Health Service Journal found.

NHS rules state that staff will receive a redundancy payout of one month’s pay for every year worked. This is capped at 24 months of pay at a maximum annual salary ceiling of £80,000, equalling a maximum payout of £160,000 for a single redundancy. This cap does not include any additional money, such as payments made in lieu of an employee’s notice period or for their annual leave.

The Health Service Journal

found that two members of staff at East Staffordshire CCG, the accountable officer and the chief financial officer, left with payouts of £259,689 and £202,183 respectively. NHS England conducted an investigation into the payouts and concluded that they were in line with “prior contractual requirements” and did not constitute a breach of the cap.

The East Staffordshire group said “There is an ongoing review into this matter and we are therefore unable to comment further at this time”. In Derbyshire, where four clinical commissioning groups merged into one, more than £600,000 of payouts were made across three redundancies. Derbyshire CCG said the payments were part of a merger that reduced duplication and costs and that the payouts were approved by remuneration committees.

An accountable officer at Darlington CCG received a £160,000 redundancy payment and an additional payment in lieu of £60,427. The group said that it was in line with NHS policy. “As this issue relates to an individual’s personal circumstances, it would be inappropriate to comment further on this situation” it added.

Beyond the 11 cases of payouts above £160,000, there were 22 payouts made of £160,000, the Health Service Journal found. In one case, at Trafford CCG, the payout was subject to a non-disclosure agreement between the employee and the clinical commissioning group. The group said this was “a result of decisions made by the governing body in place at the CCG at that time” and that its accounts were approved by external auditors.

In 2017-18 the chief officer at Wigan Borough CCG received a payout of £220,476 including payments in lieu of notice and annual leave. The group said this was seen as appropriate because of the start date of the new incumbent and the pace of change!

James Roberts of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, which campaigns for a low-tax society, said “Taxpayers will be furious to see CCG directors . . . being discharged from their duties with inflated payouts. With a clear cap in place to protect the public purse, health managers should not be leveraging loopholes and cashing out with payments that many of their patients could only dream of”.

We might as well ask, without much hope of receiving an answer, what on earth allows so much public money that should be spent on patients and far less paid staff, be kept secret and unaccountable?

Belgian MEP Claims “PM Has Humiliated The Parliament He Now Needs”

A Belgian village has lost its idiot!

The final say on a Brexit deal should be had by the British people, says Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, adding that he doubts Boris Johnson’s deal can pass in Parliament.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” he says. “When I see how offensive Boris Johnson has been to 21 rebels that he sacked quite brutally three weeks ago, when I see how he has dealt with Parliament – humiliating Parliament, ridiculing Parliament, sidelining Parliament – it’s that Parliament that he now needs. I’m not sure that the spirit in the Parliament will be inclined to be nice to Mr Johnson”. Priceless idiocy!

Philippe Lamberts is the Belgian MEP and member of the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group,  He made some interesting admissions as the representative of the left-wing Greens–European Free Alliance in Brussels (which includes our own Green Party, as well as the SNP and Plaid Cymru in Britain). Not least, Lamberts’ belief that the European Union is prepared to impose a maritime customs border between the Continent and Ireland if the Irish government refuses to secure the British border around the Six Counties in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Below is a transcript of Lamberts in conversation with a BBC journalist

Tim Sebastian: Mr. Lambert, this is the key sticking point, the Irish border, the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. If Britain crashes out without a deal, day one on this border, what happens?
Philippe Lamberts: There will be controls –
Tim Sebastian: Who’s putting up those controls?
Philippe Lamberts: Well, both sides will need to –
Tim Sebastian: But Britain says it isn’t and Ireland says it isn’t –
Philippe Lamberts: Of course, of course, of course –
Tim Sebastian: And Ireland says it isn’t.
Philippe Lamberts: Well, we will need to have contingency plans for that, of course –
Tim Sebastian: So what are they, your contingency plans?
Philippe Lamberts: …very soon, if this border is not policed, well it will be abused and –
Tim Sebastian: What are the EU’s plans, then? 208 border crossings –
Philippe Lamberts: Yes.

Tim Sebastian: And you propose to police all those, do you?
Philippe Lamberts: Well, we will need to control, we will need to control –
Tim Sebastian: Against the wishes of the Irish state, against the wishes of the Irish Republic? They’ve made it perfectly clear. “What we are saying is very clear” – this from Simon Coveney, the foreign minister – “the Irish government will not support the re-emergence of border infrastructure on this island”. Can it be clearer than that?
Philippe Lamberts: No, it cannot be clearer than that. But then they know the consequences. That then we will put the checks elsewhere than on the intra-Irish border –
Tim Sebastian: Who, who will put the checks?
Philippe Lamberts: Well, the European Union member states. What do you -?
Tim Sebastian: What do these checks look like, then? Who’s gonna put them up? Frontex? [The European Border and Coast Guard Agency]
Philippe Lamberts: Not Frontex! I mean the customs, the customs authority in the various Member States. I mean, what you believe? Do you believe that we are going to let any good enter the European Union just unchecked? And so, if the Irish don’t do it then of course people on the Continent will –
Tim Sebastian: So there will be a border between Ireland and other EU states -?

Philippe Lamberts: And, and I tell you, and I tell you that the Republic of Ireland is very much preoccupied about the integrity of the single market and doesn’t want to be excluded from the single markets…Between two evils we have to choose the lesser one.
Tim Sebastian: So it’s a choice between the Good Friday Agreement and the single market then, isn’t it? …In February you warned Dublin that if it came to a choice between those two things, you would decide that the single market was more important…

As suggested, a Belgian village has lost its idiot! One who would rule over us in an EU empire!

Rosie, Yes Rosie?

In 2016 West Lancashire voted in favour of leaving the EU

a decision Rosie Cooper MP committed to honouring during the Brexit process. A position which is consistent with the 2017 Labour Party manifesto which she was elected on.

MP Rosie is one of 19 Labour MPs to put their name to the letter to Jean Claude Junker and Donald Tusk arguing for the EU Commission, the EU27, and the UK government to reach an agreement to avoid a No Deal Brexit happening.

As she said “It is clear that most people here in West Lancashire and across the country are tired of the Brexit deadlock and want the situation resolved. I have consistently argued that an orderly Brexit is better than a No Deal Brexit. I sincerely hope all those round the negotiating table are listening and willing to finally reach an agreement given it is 1,200 days since the country took the decision to leave the EU. I am concerned that any further delays to the UK leaving the EU will only add to the deepening public divisions we see and the growing disenchantment with politics. Until a deal is agreed the country cannot heal these divisions”.

In April Rosie told us “Throughout this process I’ve hoped for a better deal but also believe that a No Deal Brexit should be avoided at all costs. Nor do I believe another referendum should be held as the people have already spoken when they cast their vote in the 2016 referendum. The whole Brexit process is becoming complicated by the number of motions, amendments and indicative votes which are being presented to Parliament. Yet there is only one deal agreed with the EU. Throughout this process, however it unfolds I will continue to represent the interests of my West Lancashire constituents, whist honouring the majority decision of the 55% who voted to leave the EU”.

Today, it appears there is another deal agreed with the EU. Perhaps we will soon hear from Rosie that she will support it? Yes, yes, yes!

A Deal Is Ready, But Not Ready Enough For The DUP

Donald Tusk, surely the most miserable man on earth, has said a deal is ready

but cautioned there are “certain doubts on the British side”. The President of the European Council said that while yesterday evening he “was ready to bet that it’s all set and agreed, today there are certain doubts on the British side. The basic foundations of an agreement are ready and theoretically tomorrow we could accept this deal with Great Britain” he said.

And then there was a sobering wake-up call for both the Government and the EU in the statement issued by DUP Leader and Deputy Leader Arlene Foster and Nigel Dodds

at 6.45am this morning, which said of their ongoing discussions with the Government: “As things stand, we could not support what is being suggested on customs and consent issues, and there is a lack of clarity on VAT. We will continue to work with the Government to try and get a sensible deal that works for Northern Ireland and protects the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.”

Boris Johnson is being urged by Cabinet allies to use EU law to try to dodge a new Brexit delay if no deal is agreed today. A law passed by MPs last month, dubbed the Benn Act, forces the PM to extend Britain’s membership by another three months if there is no formal agreement with Brussels by Saturday. But European law takes precedent over British law. And Mr Johnson has been told it’s possible he could get out of having to trigger the extension demand if he can persuade the EU’s leaders to help him at their crunch summit today. The allies argue that a formal declaration from all 28 national bosses today that there is no need for an extension yet as talks are still ongoing would be legally binding.

But, remainer MPs have pleaded with Brussels to push Britain into another extension to sabotage Boris Johnson’s deal and force a second referendum. A group led by arch-europhile Tory rebel Dominic Grieve held talks with senior French, Dutch and Irish diplomats plus EU Parliament negotiators.

They begged eurocrats not to help the PM speed a deal through the Commons before the 31st – claiming to do so would be “very dangerous”. Instead they said a technical extension should be provided so that Parliament can vote for a second referendum on staying in the bloc. Grieve said the agreement being thrashed out “bears no resemblance to what was being promoted in the 2016 referendum at all”. More bollocks, of course!

In respect of the looming Scottish court case “Perhaps the most absurd story to emerge over the last 24 hours is the news that anti-Brexit QC Jolyon Maugham is lodging a legal action to try and prevent the Government from putting a Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament on Saturday. Despite the fact that an agreement has not yet been agreed, let alone been seen and analysed, he claims that the Government is contravening legislation (passed through an ERG amendment to a government Bill last year) stating it is “unlawful for Her Majesty’s Government to enter into arrangements under which Northern Ireland forms part of a separate customs territory to Great Britain”. Maugham said yesterday he will today lodge a petition at Scotland’s highest civil court, the Court of Session, and expects it to be heard on Friday. So having professed that he and his ilk were merely against a no-deal Brexit, as soon as there appears the prospect of a deal being secured to deliver Brexit, they are literally trying to prevent the deal from being put to Parliament. You couldn’t make it up”.

The barrister in question has tweeted today “We also need to consider the purpose of a challenge. Here, again, I try to act mindful of my perception of the role of the law in a democracy. I think this mandates an enquiry that extends beyond the technical point that the challenge seeks to uphold the 2018 Act”. Isn’t that interesting…”the role of the law in a democracy”…isn’t that what we used to have, a democracy?

But hope springs eternal. He now states “So I will pause and reflect and take soundings from those I trust this morning before issuing the petition (which we presently plan to do around midday)”. He’s been told “No parliament can bind future parliaments. It is a basic part of our constitution. If parliament makes a new law that “breaks” a previous law, the resolution is for parliament to amend the other law and the courts to accept the new law in the mean time”.

And, finally for now, one more tweeter said to Maugham “I am one of the 17.4M. I have been silenced. I had a vote in 2016 – they ignored me I had a vote in 2017 – they ignored me I had a vote in 2019 – they ignored me I could have had another vote in October – they denied me. Are you with me? #NoVoteNoVoice