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Brexit Party Wreaks Havoc In Strasbourg?

Michael Deacon wrote in the Telegraph

“Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party just wreaked havoc in Strasbourg – and left the EU fuming. They’re smart, the Brexit Party. To the untrained eye, their behaviour in the European Parliament today might have looked boorish and mindless.

“Personally, though, I’m convinced it was all part of a cunning plan. Namely, to make the EU so heartily sick of us that they reject any request to delay Brexit and just kick us out instead. It might well work, too.

“Plenty in the EU seem to have already lost patience with Brexit – strikingly few MEPs turned up for today’s four-hour debate on it in Strasbourg. And of those who did turn up, many sounded deeply long-suffering. “We have once more gathered to discuss the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union” sighed Finland’s Tytti Tuppurainen.

“The Brexit Party cheered”. So did I!

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Local Brexit Party West Lancashire Candidate

Ormskirk resident Allan Bowness is the Brexit Party prospective candidate for West Lancashire

Seen with Nigel Farage at the Southport Brexit Party meeting, he “Wants to put an end to three years of calamity by bringing back trust to British politics”. As he says “I, along with almost 55% of the local electorate in West Lancashire, voted to leave the European Union, in the 2016 referendum”. 

Mr Bowness is a married father of three. He suggests he “Can no longer stand by and allow the career politicians in Westminster to continue to betray the largest democratic vote in our country’s history”.

You can follow him on twitter 




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Who Was In Blissful Ignorance Of EU Funding?

Where does the EU obtain the money to fund its spending?

The EU’s sources of income include contributions from member countries, import duties on products from outside the EU and fines imposed when businesses fail to comply with EU rules. The EU countries agree on the size of the budget and how it is to be financed several years in advance.

The EU budget supports growth and job creation. Under the cohesion policy, it funds investment to help bridge economic gaps between EU countries and regions. It also helps develop rural areas in Europe. It clearly fails in many cases, as in Greece and Spain, where unemployment for young people has been a disgrace for years.

A public meeting at Aughton Village Hall recently debated how Brexit would affect West Lancashire. Around 50 people attended.

A person from ‘Our Future Our Choice’ spoke in belief that life chances for young people would be diminished for work and studying which Brexit would diminish. His belief in a final vote rather than a general election is the best way to break the impasse. But he presumably does know about those EU failures to assist millions of young EU “citizens”.

A Labour MEP, Theresa Griffin MEP,   predicated a 12% loss to the NW economy based on government figures in the event of a No-deal Brexit. She suggested low paid part-time employees would be worst hit with increased unemployment and job insecurity. It’s just more “pie in the sky guesswork”!

She claimed “There is no such thing as a clean break from the EU” saying “We will be locked into trade negotiations with the EU for years and will have to comply with relevant regulations”. On the contrary, the European Union has been a World Trade Organisation member since 1 January 1995. The 28 member States of the EU are also WTO members in their own right. If they want the benefit of OUR trade, WTO would apply. If not, so what?

Labour County Councillor John Fillis, who represents Skelmersdale East, named 10 companies, skills and community projects in West Lancashire that have benefited from EU funding. He may know some reason why it isn’t better to keep our own money and spend it here rather than give it away and then request it back again?

Cllr Fillis apparently said that the Southport, Ormskirk, Wrightington and Wigan hospitals employ 250 staff from the EU “whose future is uncertain”. Perhaps he hasn’t heard about the EU Settlement Scheme with its settled criteria? If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021.

Ken Lamden, Chair of People’s Vote West Lancashire claimed “I’ve rarely seen an audience so engaged. Based on the speakers’ predictions it’s clear that politicians are using ‘project fear’ to avoid the meaningful debate that we deserve. We will continue to campaign for a People’s Vote and attempt to engage our MP Rosie Cooper who sent her apologies for the meeting”.

A strange claim for “project fear”, which is surely the raison d’etre for opponents of the leave programme to suggest Armageddon? And, of course, people of West Lancashire voted in 2016, to “Leave by 55.3% (35,323 ) to 44.7%, (28,546), on a turnout of 74.4%”. But it wasn’t a “peoples’ vote”, apparently!

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More Liberalism, Less Democracy?

The Liberal Democrats

don’t have a discrete West Lancashire party, it’s the Ribble South and West Lancashire party. “Your Local Party at 5 Rowan Close, Penwortham, PR1 0YH”.

But why let a little subterfuge interfere with a good story, like somebody called Simon Thomson being chosen as the party’s PPC on Tuesday, August 27th?

He told QLocal

“I am honoured to be selected by the West Lancashire Liberal Democrats to be their PPC. I’m delighted to be representing a party that offers a progressive, tolerant and outward looking vision for West Lancashire. All over the country the Liberal Democrats are building support and increasing our membership as a result of our clear message regarding remaining in the EU, and West Lancashire is no exception to this”.

Well, since 1992 the Liberal Democrats have trailed third, even fifth, badly, and not one candidate has returned for the next election. They just give up and go!

And he said “I want the Liberal Democrats to lead the campaign to remain in the EU in West Lancashire and be the natural home for remainers, as Brexit has the potential to do serious and unnecessary damage to West Lancashire. But, let’s be clear about it, Brexit is a distraction from the everyday issues affecting residents in West Lancashire’s towns and villages”.

We can only wonder if, or when, we hear of a Brexit Party

candidate for “Leave” West Lancashire, where traditional Labour/Tory supporters will place their votes. 

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Liberal Democratism? No Thanks!

West Lancashire doesn’t see much liberal democratism

which is supposedly a doctrine of or belief in social equality or the right of all people to participate equally in politics. The nearest we got to it was Rosie Cooper, our current MP (Labour) whose political history includes being a Liberal Democrat from 1988 to 1999.

A ward member in Broadgreen and then Allerton, she was a Liberal, then a Liberal Democrat, and served as Lord Mayor in 1992-1993. In 1999 she switched her allegiance to Labour and a year later she stepped down from the council. She is an honorary alderman of Liverpool City.

What she would make of the story below is anyone’s guess, as a Liberal Democrat candidate exposed what nasty views they hold.

Statement from Peter Heaton-Jones MP (Conservative, North Devon)

“The Liberal Democrat candidate for North Devon should make an immediate and unreserved apology to local people following her disgraceful comments on BBC Radio 4 this lunchtime. Explaining support for Brexit in North Devon by saying ‘it’s 98% white’ and ‘they don’t travel a lot’ is highly offensive. She must withdraw those remarks immediately.

“The Lib Dem candidate also said ‘I do not link all leave voters to hate crime’, and even talked about race as another factor. This is appalling and unacceptable.

“When pressed to defend her remarks, she could only say, ‘you’ve got me in a corner here’, and later trailed off into silence. The Lib Dem candidate should break that silence only to apologise for the patronising and inflammatory comments in this extraordinary outburst.

“Many people will be extremely offended by the suggestion that they support Brexit because they’re white and don’t get out much, or that there’s a link between some Leave voters and hate crime. I’m sure North Devonians will reflect on this carefully when judging the Lib Dem candidate’s suitability to represent our area at the next general election”.

Transcript of BBC Radio 4, The World This Weekend, below

Ross Hawkins (Presenter): Communicating an anti-Brexit policy in Leave seats will be hard, and that was rather borne out when I asked the Lib Dem candidate [for North Devon], Kirsten Johnson, about the enthusiasm for leaving the EU there.

Kirsten Johnson

“Um, demographically it’s 98% white, we don’t have a lot of ethnic minorities living in North Devon. People aren’t exposed to people from other countries. Um, they don’t travel a lot, and so I think there is a slight disconnect that North Devon being isolated and being rural and being low income perhaps hasn’t appreciated the advantages of being in the European Union.

RH: What’s the number of ethnic minority voters got to do with that?

KJ: Um (pause)….I didn’t mean to mean that it has anything to do with it at all. Just saying that when I speak to people I am hearing comments to me….when it….it refers to race. (Pause). You’ve got….you’ve got me in a corner here.

RH: I don’t understand what the relevance of that point is?

KJ: I think my concern is the rise of hate crimes and the rise of people (pause)…..not being able to accept otherness, and I saw that translated when it comes to some of the Euro-scepticism that I was hearing on the doorstep.

RH: So do you link Leave voters to hate crime?

KJ: No I do not link all Leave voters to hate crime, not at all, I need to make that absolutely clear. I’m just saying that it’s a complex view when it comes to who voted Leave, there’s lots of reasons people voted Leave.

RH: What’s the connection between voting Leave & wanting to be out of the European Union, and hate crime?

KJ: (Pause). I’m saying that because of the, um….., (silence for 5 seconds).

RH: There she trailed off, and I’m not sure I ever did really understand her point.

She claims in her election publicity that “Kirsten is very much at home amongst the North Devon community”.

Somewhere a village has lost its idiot, which, on the basis of what she is and says, they will be extremely happy about?

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The English Democrats

Did you know that the English Democrats

are the only political party that is putting the people of England, and the English Nation’s interests first?

We hear many comments in the media from the Scottish First Minister and the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh First Minister and the Welsh Parliament, the N. Ireland First Minister and Northern Ireland Parliament, however how many times have you heard from the English First Minister and the English Parliament?

The simple answer is never, the people of England are denied the same democratic rights that the people of Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland enjoy.

Whilst the people of Scotland, Wales, and NI get to have a direct say in how their nations’ public services are run via their own parliamentary elections, the people of England have no direct say on how England’s public services are run, as they are controlled by the British Government. We don’t have a voice at the table.

This attempt to deny England a voice is clearly evident during the Brexit process, whether you are for ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ the clear fact is there is no English First Minister, and No English Parliament sticking up for the people of England, our public services, or our businesses.

The European Convention of Human Rights

The English Democrats have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in respect of Article 6(1) of that Convention which says:-“In the determination of his civil rights…everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an…impartial tribunal”.

The Applicant brought a case for Judicial Review regarding the implementation of Brexit in respect of the legal position of the UK and of the legal position of all citizens of the UK and, in particular, all those in England who voted to leave the European Union in the EU Referendum and of all “Persons” in the UK. The UK Government sought to get around Parliament by using the Royal Prerogative to extend the Article 50 notice period. The Applicant’s Article 6 rights were infringed by Orders made on 19th June 2019 and on 19th August 2019 and its domestic Appeal remedies have been exhausted. 

The relevant Application was for a declaration that the Applicant and all the above were out of the European Union on the 29th March 2019 by reason of the expiry of the UK’s Notice Period. All the legal rights and obligations created by the European Union would therefore not apply to the Applicant nor any of the above and therefore the Application was determinative of the Applicant’s EU “civil rights and obligations”. Since “Community Law” applies directly in the UK and other EU treaty obligations are incorporated into municipal law the Applicant’s civil rights and obligations under municipal law were affected as well. The Applicant’s Judicial Review Application was not dealt with in a timely manner, despite making Applications for it to be expedited.

Further, despite the importance of the matter, the Court chose to deal with the matter at a time when the Applicant’s lawyer was absent from the country and to do so in such a way that, unless an Application for an Appeal was dealt with before the Applicant’s lawyer returned from holiday, the case would be dismissed without any hearing because the Court has adopted a procedural rule whereby Judges can declare that an Application for Judicial Review is “Totally Without Merit”, which has the effect of preventing an Applicant from having any hearing at all, let alone a “fair and public hearing”. This Order is dated 19th June 2019.

This is a case in which numerous very experienced lawyers, including a retired Court of Appeal Judge, the Rt Hon. Sir Richard Aitkins, and many Queen’s Counsel (Senior Barristers), Barristers and Solicitors had all opined that it was of strong legal merit, so the decision to classify this case as “Totally Without Merit” was legally wrong and seems to the Applicant to be a politically motivated and biased decision intended to prevent the Applicant’s case getting a public hearing.

What will shock some readers is the apparent suggested bias in this case, that the Lord Justice of Appeal, who finally prevented this case being heard in his Order dated 19th August 2019, is an open advocate of Multi-culturalist “Diversity” and is personally opposed to the Applicant’s political position. He is a member of the European Legal (Law) Institute

whose avowed purpose is:- “To evaluate and stimulate the development of EU law, legal policy, and practice, and in particular make proposals for the further development of the acquis and for the enhancement of EU law implementation by the Member States.” It follows that on an Application to try to implement Brexit such as that brought by the Applicant, Lord Justice Hickinbottom is clearly thought not to be an “Impartial” figure. 


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Rod Liddle Writes Our Sunday Essay About Brexiternity

From the Sunday Times

“I notice an opinion poll has suggested that the people of Northern Ireland would now be in favour of a united Ireland, by a small margin, given their exquisite boredom and irritation at Brexit. I’m all for that if it means a united Ireland under British control. I think the Irish would be delighted to reacquaint themselves with the immeasurable benefits of rule from Westminster.

“I suppose it is possible, if improbable, that the poll meant a united Ireland under Dublin’s control, but I find that hard to believe. Even if some commentators have suggested, darkly, that this was the intention of the taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, all along, his unneighbourly intransigence and spite designed to reignite the issue.

“Meanwhile, our own exquisite boredom and irritation is set to continue, perhaps indefinitely, as predicted in a book by the former Labour MP and arch remainer Denis MacShane, [AKA Josef Denis Matyjaszek] the said publication being called Brexiternity

In this unhinged carnival in which we are all participants, willing or unwilling, there is never a definitive answer to the perpetually posed question: WTF will happen next?

[McShane, you may recall, submitted 19 false invoices for £12,900 to the parliamentary expenses authority. In November 2013 he pleaded guilty to false accounting at the Old Bailey. Mr Justice Sweeney sentenced MacShane to six months in prison]. He wrote

“Right now we can say that the prospect of an imminent general election has receded a little and that back on the menu is that old favourite, the second referendum. The thinking at the moment is that it might clear the air, offer us a little certitude. To my mind, the last vote offered precisely that. And when the odious Alastair Campbell, Lord Mandelson and John Major insist that, “Ah, but now we know better what Brexit means”, I would make two points.

“First, you don’t mean “we”, you mean “you unwashed, pig-ignorant dimbo leavers”. Nobody who voted to leave thinks we need a second referendum because, first time around, information was thin on the ground. Only remainers say that, and when asked, they are mysteriously unable to tell us what it is that they now know that they didn’t three years ago.

“Second, my suspicion is that, in any case, we all now know slightly less than we did on June 23, 2016. OK, we know Project Fear was a grotesque and perhaps criminal exaggeration. But we don’t know any more, really, about what Brexit would mean. All we have had is three years of claim and counter-claim between the liberal Establishment and the majority of the people.

“A second referendum might give certainty if the question on the polling card were exactly the same as it was on June 23, 2016. Then, I think, “leave” would win by something approaching two-thirds. Almost all of the remainers I know now want us out, both as a matter of principle and on account of that exquisite boredom I mentioned before.

“But, of course, that will not be the question. It is quite possible that they will get Konnie Huq to formulate the question, which might then be “Do you want to remain in the European Union or do you want to be decapitated, you working-class morons?”

“More likely is a choice of three, crap deal, no deal or remain. But if it were such a patently gerrymandered vote, the boycott of the poll would be such that I doubt the turnout would exceed 40%, and so the enterprise would have no validity or force whatsoever.

“My favourite outcome would be a second referendum based on the original question, and comfortably won by leave, followed by a general election in which Albert Steptoe, that swimsuit woman and the Picts are triumphant and pledge to respect the will of the people (again) while enacting legislation to ensure that we remain within the EU. Then at least it will be clear to everyone that the only impediment to Brexit is parliament, and it always has been.

“Either way, the issue will not recede nor be acted upon decisively. We will stay where we are, wondering WTF, paralysed by a system that acts against the people it is supposed to represent”.

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Frau Merkel Spots Danger To The EU

A few days ago Frau Merkel warned

of danger to the EU of Singapore-style UK on its border. Well, bring it on, and the quicker the better.

“UK poses threat if it fails to match regulation standards of bloc” says the German chancellor. Merkel has highlighted the economic danger posed by Britain if it is allowed to become a Singapore-on-Thames as Boris Johnson’s Brexit envoy outlined a plan to ditch the UK’s commitments to stay aligned to the EU’s social and environmental standards.

In talks with European commission officials, the prime minister’s negotiator, David Frost, insisted that the UK is seeking a “clean break” from an array of the bloc’s regulations, a policy choice from the new British government that has caused alarm in other EU capitals.

As the UK’s new vision was laid out in Brussels, the German chancellor, speaking in the Bundestag, said she was determined to strike a deal with Johnson but that a no-deal Brexit could not be ruled out. Merkel also warned of the economic threat that the UK could pose. Johnson had privately told EU diplomats during his time as foreign secretary of his desire to build a “buccaneering” Britain, which has been seen as an indication of his plan to recast the UK as a low-tax and low-regulation state.

Merkel’s comments indicate the difficulty that the British government will face in striking what it has described as a “best in class” free trade deal if it fails to match EU standards on goods, workers’ rights, tax and the environment, among others.

EU sources have said that the UK will need to sign up to more onerous, level playing-field obligations than Canada due to the UK’s proximity and the size of its economy.

Diplomats in Brussels said that the British government would be presented with a “Canada minus minus”, potentially including tariffs on some goods, if it seeks to strike a free trade deal without the full array of commitments currently contained in the political declaration on the future relationship agreed with Theresa May. [Who?]

Merkel told German parliamentarians “We still have every chance of getting an orderly [Brexit] and the German government will do everything it can to make that possible, right up to the last day. But I also say we are prepared for a disorderly Brexit. But the fact remains that after the withdrawal of Britain, we have an economic competitor at our door, even if we want to keep close economic, foreign and security cooperation and friendly relations.

“On the one hand, as Europeans we are weaker with Britain’s exit – that has to be said – but on the other hand, this is the moment to develop new strengths. No country in the world can solve its problems alone and if we all work against each other we will not win. I believe in win-win situations, if we work together”.

A UK government spokesman said “The UK is seeking to agree a free trade agreement. The EU have always said this is available. Any level playing-field provisions will need to reflect this end state”.

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The Bureau Of Investigative Journalism

Have you heard of the Bureau Of Investigative Journalism?

“The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that holds power to account. Our aim is to inform the public about the realities of power in today’s world. We are particularly concerned with the undermining of democratic processes and failures to accord with fair, legal and transparent practices”.

Its latest investigation shows yet again that there are major issues with government transparency at a local level. Together with dozens of volunteers, our Bureau Local team attempted to exercise a right that the public has by law to inspect the accounts and related documents of councils for two weeks of every year. The results were shocking.

To test the law, Bureau Local volunteers submitted requests to nearly 50 local authorities asking to inspect documents, such as contracts and invoices, relating to the use of private consultants during multimillion-pound property deals, a subject the Bureau is investigating.

Various councils either failed completely to respond or refused to comply. Others provided information that was heavily redacted. Many claimed that releasing the requested information could cause financial damage to the councils and their business partners.

Here’s a document provided to them by Haringey Council

Access to this information matters. Being able to check how our councils are spending their money, which companies they are paying and for what services, is absolutely essential to prevent abuse of power and ensure a functioning democracy.

With the help of dozens of network members, the Bureau Local has spent over a year getting to grips with the complicated subject of council finances. We revealed (among other things) the mass sell-off of public spaces and the billions of pounds-worth of risky investments putting frontline services at risk. More than 80 local stories have been published to date. This scrutiny and community involvement is having a positive impact – top down and bottom up.

UK politics is currently overwhelmed with unknowns. But amid the chaos, we mustn’t overlook serious issues which will affect our lives whatever the outcome. Councils are in financial crisis and social inequality is growing. Collaborative, community-led investigative journalism is more important than ever.

One subject that ought to be included in the work of the Bureau is that of the Beacon Park Golf Course and the landfill scandal by Oakland Golf and Leisure 

with the connivance of WLBC and Serco Leisure Operating Limited (SLOL), which is hidden under a “Commercial in Confidence” claim. WLR eventually discovered SLOL had received landfill royalties intended for the West Lancashire Leisure Trust. We are still awaiting an investigation that could disclose the full amount taken from West Lancashire council tax payers. 

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Childrens Hour

A Question Time audience member has won praise for an extraordinary rant at politicians over Brexit – accusing them of ‘arguing like little kids’

The man, named as Charlie Neil, asked on the flagship BBC show whether he could sue David Cameron for for causing ‘mental distress’ by sparking the debacle. And asked how he thought the former Prime Minister would be viewed in the future, the Scotsman replied “I don’t care, to tell you the truth”.

When host Fiona Bruce joked that he should “tell us what you really think”, Charlie obliged with an excoriating verdict on the state of British politics. “The whole thing’s a nightmare. I’m just sick and tired” he said. “You’ve had three years and three months and you’ve done nothing but argue among yourselves like little kids. You’ve got no respect for each other and you’ve got no respect for the British people. Just..oh..pfft.. go away”.

The intervention sparked rapturous applause on the show, red faces among the panel of politicians, and a wave of support on social media. One user responded “I think Charlie speaks for us all”. Another viewer said “Charlie is pretty much our spirit animal right now”.

The brutal assessment came after weeks of extraordinary wrangling at Westminster as MPs clashed over the agonising Brexit issue. There were outlandish protests in the Commons chamber after Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with some MPs draping themselves across the lap of the Speaker in a symbolic bid to stop the House being suspended.

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