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WLBC Rich List Update

Our West Lancashire

state “In terms of Transparency, the Chief Operating Officer post will carry annual remuneration of £94,500 and the Corporate Director posts will be £81,687.A redundancy payment of £112,386 will be made to the Chief Executive, £90,616 to the Director of Development and Regeneration and £64,205 to the Borough Solicitor. Redundancy costs have been calculated in accordance with the Council’s Redundancy Policy, which complies with the Local Government (Early Termination of Employment) (Discretionary Compensation) (England and Wales) Regulations 2006. Pension strain cost will also be paid to the Pension Fund of £0.422m. The pension strain cost has been calculated in accordance with the Local Government Superannuation Scheme Regulations.

“For clarity, the total exit costs for these three posts were presented differently to councillors in the report we considered last week. Namely:

“Chief Executive – £307,524
“Borough Solicitor – £232,482
“Director of Development and Regeneration – £149,665

“The total cost of £689,000 is the same but we feel it is important that the public see the figures as presented to councillors”.

Readers will wonder at the use by WLBC of the term “pension strain”. Whose strain? Council tax payers, of course. Just like the BBC and its new description of the recently introduced charge for its over 75s TV license fee to pay for “talent”!

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WLBC Rich List Latest

Apply to leave WLBC, be paid compensation for loss of office!

Announcing the voluntary redundancy of Kim Webber

Chief Executive, WLBC also agreed further changes to the senior management structure and subsequent savings through the voluntary redundancy of John Harrison

Director of Development and Regeneration, and Terry Broderick, the very efficient 

Borough Solicitor. It is almost certain that Ms Webber will appear in the Taxpayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List next year.

From 4th November the Council will put in place a Chief Operating Officer model, and a Chief Operating Officer will be sought, supported by a Corporate Director of Place and Community and a Corporate Director of Transformation & Resources to make a saving of £0.314m per annum. Working together, the Chief Operating Officer and the Corporate Directors will deliver the Council’s objectives, together with further income, efficiency and service improvements. A redundancy payment of £112,386 will be made to the Chief Executive, £90,616 to the Director of Development and Regeneration and £64,205 to the Borough Solicitor.

Don’t be fooled by these figures. The trio of leavers will receive “Compensation for loss of office”, and as we disclosed at the time of the voluntary loss of office the then Director of Leisure and Well Being (left Jan 2018) received £84,323 compensation. There’s more! His “Total before pensions” was £150,688, followed by a further Pension Contribution of £ 186,663. The package cost us £337,351. He was mentioned in despatches by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

You can read the details of how these “Loss of office they applied to leave” gifts are paid out on page 70 0f the “West Lancashire Borough Council Statement of Accounts 2017/18”.

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We Paid The EU £15.5Billion By March 2019!

Britain’s contribution to the EU has shot up by £2.6 billion per cent in the past 12 months, new Treasury figures show, as the UK’s growing economy was used to prop up Brussels’ budget. An “eye-popping” £15.5 billion was sent across the Channel in the year ending March 31, compared with £12.9 billion the year before – an increase of 20 per cent.

The extra money would be enough to put 50,000 more police officers on the streets or fund 81,000 social care beds. Brexiteers said the increase was yet more evidence that Britain must leave the EU as soon as possible to stop taxpayers’ money “pouring into bottomless EU coffers”.

Austin Mitchell


Let’s be clear. I’m no supporter of Boris Johnson. I dislike his Tory politics and social priorities and I think his economics are daft. But he is the best hope for Brexit. So let’s offer him some advice for when he becomes Prime Minister (if I can do so without being expelled from the Labour Party).

A new Prime Minister with a new government has the right to demand a new negotiation. Do so, and take a tougher line than trembling Theresa. Get the predictable reply from an EU so amorphous and disorganised it can only say “no”. That inflexible intransigence will be encouraged and defended by clamouring Remainers and the Blair/Mandelson/Lib Dem fifth column in Britain.

Ignoring the fact that their collusion has encouraged the EU to evade any acceptable agreement so far, the Remainers will denounce “No Deal” or “crash out” to undermine our negotiating position and frighten the nation. It ain’t true. Only the EU can produce No Deal by refusing to change its position. They won’t dare to embark on a trade war. It would be damaging to them as well as us, at a time when recession is developing. It’s a little difficult to see a shambling organisation which Remainers tell us is so benign and virtuous, rejecting all the norms of modern trade by setting out to cripple and punish their former partner, for the crime of doing what its people want.

The medicine won’t disappear, flights will arrive almost on time, students will still exchange, travellers visit and nationals from each country will still work in others and trade will go on. Even if there’s no comprehensive treaty, there’ll be a live and let live de facto settlement to allow the EU to get on with its follies, an EU army, trying to make the euro work and dealing with refugees.

Build confidence

use No Deal as a negotiating threat, rouse British anger at their bullying then call an early election. Gordon Brown made the fatal mistake of not calling for a new mandate. You need one and you have a good chance. Labour has divided and disabled itself. The nation wants the impasse ended and is crying out for leadership. The time is ripe. And you can always take the precaution of offering, say, £50 million to the constituency of every Labour MP who votes for your settlement. Several will accept it – I certainly would if I was still there!

My one proviso is that you avoid splitting the Brexit vote by reaching a pact, like the Lib-Lab agreement of 1905 which was brokered by Herbert Gladstone between the Liberals and the new Labour Party to bring Labour in. That would have kept Labour as a minority pressure group, had the Liberals not split. The Brexit Party can’t be treated like lepers now they’re a force.

Theresa’s failure can be a springboard to your success. Feebleness was her metier. Now the country wants someone strong and convincing. After years of misery, bafflement and failure, people want leadership, optimism and a bit of fun – not more misery and fear from the cheerless Remainers.

The Kill Boris campaign waged by the media who once loved him, the liberal intellegentsia and The Guardian has succeeded only in convincing people you’ll provide all that. So boost your prospects further by promising to end austerity with a big boost to spending.

That’s vitally necessary anyway. None of it should go in tax cuts for the rich, they’ve already done well. The greater need is state aid to exporting industry and venture capital for import substitution so we can seize the opportunity to boost exports and replace imports, which the inevitable devaluation (due anyway, so horrendous is our trade deficit) will provide.

Winning will be the start of the first serious negotiations with the EU in which we’ll fight our corner, not lie down like a mat to be walked on. The Northern Irish border remains a problem, but could surely be dealt with by making the whole of Northern Ireland a free port where we won’t impose customs barriers. The Irish can put them up if they want to, but having benefited for years by unfair tax competition they might welcome the competitive advantage of becoming a goods entrepot too, which would allow customless trade both ways.

Good luck. Britain deserves some. Doing what the people want won’t be as tough as the miseryguts fear, the Remainers want and Treasury miscalculates.

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Sensible John Redwood?

Yesterday the Opposition parties and 17 Remain Conservatives voted for amendments to legislation to try to ensure Parliament has to meet in September and October to give them more time to try to delay or cancel Brexit. They call this taking back control and advocating Parliamentary democracy! It is of course the opposite. Labour and Conservative MPs were elected in 2017 on a manifesto for each party that promised to implement Brexit.

Parliament voted by a large majority to send the Article 50 Notification of our exit, which means in European law we will leave on 31 October. I remember explaining to the Commons then that was the decision point, the moment Parliament legislated to leave. Now they wish to tear up their promises and refuse to take back control of our laws, our money and our borders despite the referendum.

I do not think even this discredited Parliament full of Labour MPs and a few Conservatives who have ratted on their promise to implement the decision of the people will find a way and a majority to revoke our exit letter. Short of doing that we will leave on 31 October, as promised by the likely next Prime Minister. We are due to leave according to European law. The UK Parliament cannot overturn European law, and only the PM can ask for a delay and seek agreement to changes to EU law to delay our official exit date.

The people made clear in the European election what they thought of the decision of the two major parties to delay our exit. They rejected both. They made it even clearer what they thought of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Treaty, which got less than 9% support from the electorate in that election. The Conservative government must press on with preparations for our departure in October. Only such an exit can save this Parliament from driving itself even further from the electors it is meant to serve, and only such an exit can provide a platform for the two main parties to start to rebuild the trust of voters which has been undermined by the delay to Brexit.

The desperate idea this morning that a Remain majority should ask the Queen to override the PM taking us out is absurd.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that Ursula von der Leyen

scraped through the vote of MEPs in Strasbourg to become the President-elect of the European Commission. In the secret ballot of MEPs, where her name was the only name on the ballot paper, she was approved by 383 votes to 327, with 22 abstentions and one void ballot – just nine votes ahead of the threshold of 374 required in order to be approved (i.e. an absolute majority of MEPs eligible to vote). “In a delicious irony, the numbers show that she won the support of 52% of MEPs participating in yesterday’s vote so we should look forward to the anti-Brexit crowd calling for a second vote, because the MEPs clearly didn’t know what they were voting for etc”.

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SPID Spending Spree

The bean counters down at the Old Cock and Bull

aka Aughton Parish Council, might be in need of therapy when they realise what a dent they have put in the Parish cash reserves.

The July Agenda states, under Finance, “Solar Powered Speed Awareness Signs Project (Bold Lane (1), Prescot Road (1), Long Lane (2)): i) to receive and approve the recommendations of the Working Group in full consultation with Lancashire County Council Highways ii) to authorise payment to purchase (Part I).

The amount to be spent? Circa £16,000

Anti-speeding campaigners in the parish will be delighted, especially residents of “Wacky races” Long Lane.


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Rosie Cooper Votes Yes

Rosie Cooper has voted “Yes” for blocking the next prime minister from suspending Parliament.

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Are You Attracted To A “Theresa in Trousers” As Prime Minister?

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley

described Jeremy Hunt as ‘Theresa in Trousers’, adding “There is no such thing as a Brexit that works for people who do not want Brexit”. Mansfield voted to “Leave the EU” with 70.9%. This was while Labour held the seat. Bradley became Member of Parliament for Mansfield in the snap General Election in June 2017. He was the first Conservative to be elected in Mansfield since the constituency’s creation in 1858. He has almost always voted against more EU integration.

Jeremy Hunt was blasted today after appearing to brand Leave voters as ‘Little Englanders’ during his Tory leadership campaign. The Foreign Secretary made the remark during a #BoJoNoShow Twitter question and answer session designed to contrast with Boris Johnson quiet campaign.

But he was roasted by Tory MPs and Leavers after replying to a councillor who asked how he would unite the country after Brexit. He replied “Deliver a Brexit that works for the 48 per cent not just the 52 per cent, a positive, open and internationalist Brexit, Great Britain not Little England”.

Labour “leaver” Kate Hoey

was among those who laid into Hunt over his comment, saying “How dare Jeremy Hunt make such a snide comment about the millions of Leavers. Not a very sensible way of uniting the country”.

Hunt clearly hasn’t read “How to influence people and win friends” recently. He’s probably too late now!

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A Question Of Trust, Fake News, And A Blatant Tory Lie

Jonathan Isaby is the Editor of Brexit Central

He wrote “Three years ago today, we were waking up to the news that the UK had voted to Leave the European Union, something that we marked on the BrexitCentral website yesterday, the third anniversary of the referendum itself, with this piece from former Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who was of course Chair of the Vote Leave campaign. It is, unsurprisingly, also the theme of Boris Johnson’s weekly Telegraph column this morning.

“And as I reminded the world in a tweet yesterday morning, more people voted for Brexit than have ever voted for anyone or anything in British electoral history. Which is why I was rather taken aback by the response I got from Phillip Lee

the Tory MP for Bracknell and anti-Brexit campaigner who wants another referendum. He tweeted: “Fact: More people voted for John Major’s Conservative Party in 1992 – in total and % turnout terms – than for Brexit in 2016”.

“Now, I’m usually pretty restrained about crying “fake news”, but his claim was an outright untruth. As I tweeted back at him, in 1992 the Tories received 14,093,007 of 33,614,074 votes cast, whereas at the 2016 referendum 17,410,742 of the 33,577,342 votes cast were for Leave. When an MP is claiming something to be “fact” when it is so demonstrably false, it’s little wonder public faith in our political class has sunk so low.

“Five hours after the original tweet, he admitted he made a mistake in a reply to me, saying he’d meant that more people voted in the 1992 election than the referendum in 2016 – and finally deleted his false claim, although not before it had been re-tweeted hundreds of times.

“Bracknell Forest, an area including the towns of Bracknell, Sandhurst and Crowthorne, voted to leave the EU in 2016, with 53.9% of voters in favour of exiting the bloc”.

There is now no local confidence in Lee, as the association chair, Gerry Barber, told the BBC “The result of the vote was that a majority of members present were in agreement with the motion, which was therefore passed, and the result has been communicated to Dr Lee and to the full membership”. Hardly surprising, an MP who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong should be booted out.

You can read the Gisela Stuart article here

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17.4 Million Leavers. 3 Years. Still No Brexit.

Democracy in the UK


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The BBC Is An Embarrassment?

If you started paying the TV licence fee

in your student days and are now 75, you would, at today’s rates, have paid approximately £7,500 into the BBC’s coffers. After half-a-century of being forced to fund the likes of Gary Lineker’s multi-million pound+ fees, it seems not unreasonable that your retirement from working should coincide with getting him and all the other overpaid celebrities off your back. That is why the government exempted OAPs from facing jail for non-payment of the BBC’s regressive telly poll tax.

The BBC is lobbying hard for the government to pay the licence fees, claiming it is costing them hundreds of millions. This is not really a “cost”, it a loss of revenue. The BBC collects some £3.5 billion from the telly tax and £1.5 billion from commercial revenue. It greedily wants to get a few hundred million more from the over-75s. Here’s a suggestion, cut back on Lineker and the likes’ bloated pay packets and generate some more revenue from iPlayer worldwide.

If Netflix and Amazon can generate billions worldwide from online streaming, so can the BBC. There is no technological reason the BBC can’t do it. The reason they don’t do it is purely political. If iPlayer was a pay-as-you-go streaming service the rationale for the licence fee, such as it is, would be destroyed.

The BBC funding model is based on coercion, it is out of date. Netflix’s global success shows just how badly the BBC missed the opportunity to be a global streaming media company with the head-start it had with iPlayer. Now they want to make OAPs or younger taxpayers pay for their commercial mistakes…

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