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Beacon Park Golf Course Mystery

After It was reported that a golfer who hoped to be playing footgolf at Beacon Park Golf Course  was missing, a search among the landfill rubble discovered him waiting on a bench . The course developers Serco Leisure Operating and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd were unavailable to comment on when the course alterations would be completed.

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Thou Shalt Not Scrounge Council Funding

The excellent QLocal  website asks “Do selfish drivers on Long Lane, Aughton need to be reminded of a new commandment? Aughton Park Baptist Church has invested in a new notice board and with its Bible texts prominent for all to see, is there room too for an 11th commandment – ‘Thou shalt not speed’?”. But we ask should there be a 12th commandment for the Aughton Parish Council bean counters “Thou shalt not scrounge” as they bank a donation of £3,000 from WLBC for buying SPIDs.

The Aughton Parish Council  (APC) is exceptionally rich, as is shown by its official Annual Returns, and in the past three years its cash and short term investments have risen from £102,211 in 2015/2016 to £109,239 in 2016/2017, and now to £117,857 in 2017/2018. Its total fixed assets plus long term investments and assets in 2017/2018 add a further £320,809. It reports “Total borrowings” of £9,041.

For each of the years mentioned above some residents of Long Lane and the surrounding areas of Aughton have regularly attended APC monthly meetings and described the serious dangers posed by speeding traffic. There have been accidents, and the nature of the traffic, farm tractors and trailers and many cars using Long Lane as a fast route to the M58. They all have to pass the usual lines of parked cars outside the Aughton Park railway station.

The April 2015 APC minutes record “The issue of the speed of traffic on Long Lane was brought up again and the Chairman suggested the resident raised the matter with the police and county council representative at the Annual Parish Assembly, following this meeting. And in June 2015 the minutes record “Another resident from Long Lane spoke about the ongoing problem of the speed of traffic in Long Lane. The Chairman said the matter would be taken up with the relevant authorities”. In the July 2015 minutes “Sgt Kelly advised that ‘speeding’ was always an issue right across the Borough. She spoke about the roles of Lancashire County Council, the Road Traffic Unit, Community Road Watch and the local police and that everything would be done to focus on ‘speeding’ and try and solve the problems on Long Lane and Prescot Road”.

Some concerned residents of Aughton asked for SPIDs to be installed on Long Lane. But who would pay, was the problem. Notwithstanding the huge unused APC reserves there has never been a will on the part of the APC to support its parish precept payers whose reserves they are. Until due to continuous pressure the APC decided not to buy the SPIDs but to apply for matched funding towards them from the West Lancashire Borough Council. And the bean counters of the APC were duly rewarded as they were told that a decision was made to award grant funding to Aughton Parish Council for their SPID parish capital application on 23/5/18 and they were informed of this decision on the 25/5/18. “The Borough Council will provide 50% match funding for this scheme with a maximum contribution of £3,000”.

By contrast, in recent times the WLBC has cut awards to Ormskirk’s Age UK Lancashire Wellbeing Centre on Moorgate, quickly helped by OWL Adrian Owens . It was the subject of speculation as to whether it could continue to operate after news the council had decided to remove the funding for the next 12 months, from 2016. We do see some strange priorities from our elected council?

WLR is now taking a break.

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Members Of The Public Cannot Attend More Council Business

The Agenda for the  Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee tonight lists a series of subjects during which the public will be excluded.

BT LANCASHIRE SERVICES ANNUAL REVIEW 2017/18 To consider the report of the Director of Housing and Inclusion

QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Q4 2017-18 To consider the report of the Borough Transformation Manager and Deputy Director of Housing and Inclusion

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IN SERVICE DELIVERY REVIEW For The Committee to continue its work on Community Involvement in Service Delivery.

MEMBER DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING To consider the minutes of the Member Development Commission meeting held on 15th March 2018.

WORK PROGRAMME – FUTURE MEETINGS To consider the report of the Borough Solicitor

So much for transparency! The same exclusion of the public applies to the Extraordinary Cabinet and Full Council on 18 July when one item stands out, LEISURE FACILITY AND CONTRACT PROCUREMENT, and also MOOR STREET GATEWAY REDEVELOPMENT and DELIVERING THE SKELMERSDALE TOWN CENTRE SCHEME. 

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English Independence By Flag?

Scottish and Welsh MPs are seemingly furious after Parliamentary Officials unveiled plans to repaint the England flag on Big Ben, but the Union Jack will NOT be included in the new design. The Parliamentary authorities are restoring the Big Ben Tower and St George’s flag will be picked out prominently above the famous Great Clock face . But it seems to have angered Scottish MPs that there is no union flag or the Saltire on the tower.

The move was announced just hours before the England team was due to take on Croatia in the semi final of the World Cup. The authorities insisted the design is merely returning to the original Victorian colour scheme and that the Scottish thistle, Welsh leek and Northern Irish shamrock symbols will also be present.

The coloured emblems were originally painted on the London landmark, but became blackened with the pollution and thick smog which smothered London during the Victorian times. It is believed that officials decided to paint the details black in the 1930s or earlier to save on upkeep but now they will be returned to their original glory for the first time in nearly a century.

But the decision drew howls of anger as the union flag does not feature anywhere. No surprise that SNP MP Pete Wishart said “This is a welcome boost for Scottish independence as Westminster prepares to become an England-only parliament. People will, however, be forgiven for thinking that transition began long ago  as Scotland continues to be sidelined and ignored on the biggest issues facing our country”. And Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly member Simon Thomas tweeted ‘Well that’s certainly telling the rest of us where to go”.

It is the first time in more than 30 years that a significant renovation has been undertaken and the colours of the St George flag have not been visible in living memory. Long suffering England surely needs its own Parliament, is now the time?

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P45 For Theresa?

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May Not Bringing Brexit Home A Bad Omen?

Henry Smith  Tory MP for Crawley writes “Last year I stood on an election promise to deliver the British people’s 2016 referendum decision (by the largest number in our democratic history) to leave the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access. I work for my constituents and country first, and always”.

But now, ahead of England’s World Cup semi final match against Croatia on Wednesday, Mr Smith has used Twitter to complain of an invite he had received from Chief Whip Julian Smith on behalf of No 10. The problem? He had been invited to watch the England match at Downing Street but given that May ‘isn’t bringing Brexit home’ he thought it would be a ‘bad omen’ to attend. 

“Received this invite  to watch tomorrow’s England-Croatia World Cup semi-final in 10 Downing Street. Seeing as the Prime Minister isn’t bringing Brexit home I’m concerned attending would be a bad omen for football coming home…I’ll pass”.

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Now Pay Attention!

A “top” and I use the term loosely, Tory Aughton Park Ward Councillor made it clear how riveting a WLBC training session on planning was, as she clearly demonstrated her interest in the subject today . We are clearly in good hands, but we can only hope there will be no re-run of the Parrs Lane planning proposal during her tenure of the seat?

Was it the weather, the subject, or her trainer, or a combination of all three, that put her to sleep? 

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Theresa May Calling

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The Green Fayre Is Back

The Green Fayre is West Lancashire’s BIGGEST free countryside event, at Beacon Country Park . This popular event will be back for 2018 on 21 and 22 July so get the date in your diary now for what promises to be a fantastic day out for all the family. There are over 50 wonderful stalls and demonstrations providing fun and wonderment for all the family. The shows arena wows the crowds with jousting, dog agility and viking battles taking place throughout the weekend.

Discover traditional and modern woodcraft techniques by taking a stroll through the Working Woodland area and visit a range of traders and exhibitors in the Craft and Healthy lifestyle marquees.

Get up close and personal to a range of domestic and farmyard animals in the shows petting zoo. Providing excellent information and introductions to a range of different animal friends. The main showground contains more traders and attractions including plenty of rides and activities to keep the children entertained.

If this wasn’t enough then you will find a full program of live music taking place throughout the weekend where you can sit and while away the hours enjoying one of the shows excellent catering and ‘refreshments’ options.

Come and experience West Lancashire’s largest Countryside event of the year. Parking and entry to the Green Fayre is free of charge.

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Dream On Tusk!

Using undemocratic and ill judged remarks, the appalling EU Council President Donald Tusk today “blasted Boris Johnson and David Davis” and said he hopes their shock departures will stop Brexit. The Brussels chief warned that while the two Brexit-backing Cabinet ministers have left Theresa May’s Government ‘the problems they cause remain’.

And he suggested that the Government meltdown could stop Britain’s historic decision to quit the bloc in its tracks. Tusk wrote on Twitter ‘Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain. I can only regret that the idea of Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But…who knows?

His comments came after an EU diplomat compared Mr Davis’ decision to quit as Brexit Secretary to ‘rats’ leaving a ‘sinking ship’. The EU diplomat told the Telegraph: ‘Davis’ resignation will be framed as not taking responsibility for a soft Brexit but looks more like not taking responsibility at all.’It is starting to look like the flight of the Brexiteers. They landed your country in a mess and now they’re leaving for higher ground. Rats and sinking ships…that age old tale.’

This is what these wretched people in the EU think of us, of the United Kingdom. They should be ashamed of themselves and their gutter comments. Well sorry to disappoint you Tusk, but we will leave as decided by the law of the this country.

And no, this country isn’t in a mess, 17.4million people made the biggest vote ever, exercised the democratic right to leave the corrupt and appalling EU. So dream on Tusk, a no-deal exit is on its way if that’s what we need to escape!

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