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Crime Prevention Product To Set Bells Ringing

Have you heard about the Minder Bell Accessories? They are a pair of trendy bells with an easy to fix lobster clip, and are the ultimate simple and low cost security product to prevent Purse Theft, Street crime, Anti-Bullying, Wallet Theft, Handbag Theft, Mobile Phone Theft, and theft of other Personal Property. Available in 10 Ultra Cool Colours they are being recommended by Neighbourhood Watch  .

Should anyone attempt to lift the item, the bells will jingle to alert the owner to a potential theft. Minder Bell Accessories are also very popular amongst young people and children.

See the video here

Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 27, 2017

Some Aughtonians Are Liars, Some Burscoughonians Are Arseholes!

Many residents of West Lancashire are represented by three tiers of councillors, two of which whose residents fund by council tax and the third also by precept. And for all of those councils, transparency is paramount. But sometimes the public are denied that transparency by the councils holding confidential or private meetings. It’s also a fact that some councils consider the public to be nuisances and parish council meetings can be the scenes of discord, as in the Westley slur when some Aughton campaigners were falsely accused of telling lies door to door.

Now, gossip  has reached WLR that some campaigning Burscough residents have been described as “arseholes” in a Burscough Parish Council (BPC) working group considering the Yew Tree Farm development. It seems that when the matter of drainage and sewage arose and that the meeting might consider making a response to the campaigning Burscough Flood Group’s (BFG) views, this was dismissed together with derogatory comments made against the group including them being called “BFG arseholes”. And the gossip includes a mention that a remark had been made that BPC should distance itself from BFG.

Other matters discussed apparently included the use of swales as part of the “Suds” system as being cheaper alternatives to subterranean tanks and being attractive features within the development.

It also seems support was given to general conditions of any permission, particularly for housing developments, that should include conditions for approval of the drainage system before any dwelling is occupied.

Just like in Aughton, so it is in Burscough, that he who pays the piper doesn’t call the tune. Asking for support for the community, be it road safety, clean road gullies that enable surface water to clear, or not wanting raw sewage outside your home, makes some councillors come out in a rash of thinking we, the public, are stupid, irritating, or contemptible, or to use that vulgar slang expression “arseholes”. It’s a term of abuse, verbal rather than the physical hit on a pensioner with a faux dog poo bag by Cllr Moon in a public meeting. But how often is it there, just below the surface, by the “don’t you know who I am” councillor who is in reality just taking the piss?

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Whitemoss Appeal Lost

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Following the judgement concerning the Whitemoss site near Skelmersdale, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper remains determined that this is not the end of the fight for local residents. Commenting on today’s ruling, MP Rosie Cooper stated “What bothers me is that up until paragraph 57 the judgement seems to be in our favour. It is only after this that the judge appears to disagree with himself. This is a mixed message and I believe it offers us a clear opportunity to appeal. I am happy to hear an appeal has already been lodged and it is now my belief that this case should go straight to the Supreme Court. I will fully support local residents in continuing to challenge the unnecessary dumping of more hazardous waste in West Lancashire”.


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Ormskirk Police Station To Close To The Public?

Ten police stations across Lancashire will probably close their doors to the public from January 2018 to save yet more money. Stations whose front counters are earmarked for closure include Leyland, Kirkham, Ormskirk  and Clitheroe. Others, like Preston and Chorley, are set to have their opening hours reduced in an attempt to save £1.4m by 2020. The plans are to be put up for public consultation, although the clear message from the force and Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is that more savings will have to be made on top of the £72.2m already delivered since the Government’s austerity measures were first introduced.

“I want to reassure our communities this review will not change the way areas are policed” said Commissioner Clive Grunshaw . “Front counters are not staffed by police officers and this review will not impact on police numbers. Of course these changes are taking place as part of the way the Constabulary looks to manage the continuing cuts to its funding by Government”. Police say the number of people using front counters at stations across Lancashire is continuing to fall. In future people will have to report crimes by phone or online. “In some stations as few as three people per day have visited on core business leaving, leaving the Constabulary with little option but to review the service” said a statement from the force.“This review will not result in any station closures, nor change the way areas are policed, but it will deliver £1.4m of the £19.8m in savings the police need to find by 2020″.

The proposals are based on detailed analysis of current use and are supported by a range of improvements to other contact methods such as telephone and online crime reporting.“Now stakeholders and the public are being asked for their views on the proposals, but with a clear message that savings have to be delivered and the public demands on the Constabulary are no longer in stations, but out in the community and on the telephone”. Lancashire Police currently spend £2.8m on counter services, so the planned cuts will halve that bill.The force says fewer crimes are now reported via police stations, but demand on the telephone contact centre continues to grow with more than 2,400 calls dealt with every day.

Commissioner Grunshaw added “The public have been voting with their feet for some time and the front counters proposed for closure only serve three to 10 people a day”. Chief Supt Peter Lawson, the officer responsible for the review, said “Our enquiry desk staff perform a valuable role and this needs to be maintained, but not at the current level which far outweighs demand”.

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Canvassing? Who For?

“Nice afternoon leafleting in the Derby Ward by-election on Thursday” says Cnty Cllr Paul Greenall  on twitter. Which party? Too embarrassed to mention his own local Tory party with the leader who accused him of being snide? Possibly.

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Parrs Lane Potato Crop

While Parrs Lane continues to do what it has always done, grow a fine crop, this year potatoes , the legal crap continues its growth too. The saga of the “not so sound” Local Plan drags on, now into late January 2018 for the Redrow appeal  although the change to the Cabinet and Committee Room at WLBC [click to read] seems an odd choice if multiple “concerned of Aughton” residents want to turn up to witness proceedings. Better to watch the spuds grow?

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In The Dead Of Night Democracy Was Damaged

They came in the dead of night, and did their work . Whoever they are, they don’t like democracy. They sneak around and bring more attention to the OWL poster than it may have had before. Stupid people! Seems the OWLs are up for the fight regardless [click to enlarge] 



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A Temple Of Gastronomy À La Mode

Such is the description given to Aughton’s Moor Hall, billed as “a restaurant with rooms”. And what a temple! And how mode! All as described by a swept away Daily Telegraph reporter “You could put a baby to bed on the cushioned lilac carpet in my massive bedroom (there are seven) and although not my taste (silver, glass, purple, white leather, satin) it was luxurious, with a spacious bathroom and a huge bed” she wrote.

“As for the food, served on local pottery, it tasted natural, seasonal and delicious. These days, the fashion is for luxury with an earthy twist. Hence those plates, peppered with shards of rubble  from the renovations. Sheffield knives whose blades rest in blocks fashioned from medieval timber pegs found on site”. Lunch 3 course menu costs £35 per person, 5 course tasting menu costs £65 per person, 8 course tasting menu costs £95 per person. And for Dinner, 8 course tasting menu costs £95 per person and a 5 course tasting menu costing £65 per person. Cheap as chips?

Who is the local potter? As yet we haven’t found one in Aughton, not a pottery in sight! You can imagine the excitement if they find some Civil War musket balls, as have been found in the area including nearby Parrs Lane which was the site of the Battle Of Aughton Moss Aughton Moor sometime around 1644, now of course the site of the Battle of Redrow and Wainhomes.

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Police Cash For Community Projects

Do you recall being told that “Mr Grunshaw has promised that any increase in council tax will be directed to local policing to maintain teams” when the Police and Crime Commissioner wanted more money?  Having  taken an increase it seems that it wasn’t all directed to local policing but £80,000 of it was given to groups and organisations for Community Action. Read the Champion report of it here

By chance, also reported in the Champion, the Big Lottery Fund handed out huge sums of money to local community groups. Read the Champion report here  [click to read both].

Doesn’t it seem odd that while the PCC is given increases year on year from direct taxation but doesn’t spend it all on policing, the Big Lottery Fund gives money from people voluntarily gambling on the National Lottery and it goes to the same type of community schemes? How many SPIDs to help make dangerous roads safer would £80,000 buy?


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Aughton Parish Council Accounts Meeting


1. APOLOGIES – to receive
2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – to receive and note Dispensations
4. ANALYSIS OF ACCOUNTS – to receive and approve
5. INCOME & EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT – to receive and approve
6. BALANCE SHEET FOR YEAR ENDING 31 MARCH 2017 – to receive and approve
7. SUPPORTING STATEMENT – to receive and approve
9. ANNUAL RETURN FOR YEAR ENDING 31 MARCH 2017: SECTION 2 – ACCOUNTING STATEMENTS 2016/17 – to receive and approve

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